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Flowers, Chocolate or Wine Holiday Extras!


What can be more fun than surprising your other half and doing something fun when planning your holiday abroad.

Did you know that when traveling with some tour operators you can now book fun extras such as Wine, Flowers or even delicious chocolates which will be left in your hotel room on arrival?

Yes that is possible and yes this is what you get now if you wanna go the extra mile. This is perfect for those going on a romantic holiday or to celebrate a special occasion.. You can simple add it to your booking and enjoy once in resort. Imagine being on a long draining flight and then on another long transfer into the resort, then you get to your room late at night and there is a bottle of wine and chocolates waiting for you. Not only will the chocolates give you some energy but the wine will boost your spirit and get you into the holiday vibe.

This is why these type of extras are becoming more and more popular with UK travelers.

Steve Edwards, a traveler who took advantage of the extras said ' My wife was very surprised to find flowers and chocolates in the room on arrival, it made it that much more romantic and special for our anniversary. I would definitely do it again'.

I guess the main question people would ask is 'How much does it cost to get these super extras?'. Well it doesn't have to cost the earth. Price vary depending on a few things such as where you are going to, who you are booking with and possibly what type of chocolates, wine or flowers you pick. Some providers have a standard rate and you can't pick but that just simplifies the process and makes things much easier.

For example Balkan Holidays have flowers, chocolates and wine on offer where the pricing is as follow:

Flowers = £12


Wine= £7

But this can very with all other providers so do your research first.

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