22 May 2013
This weekend an Aston Villa Old Stars Xl will be taking on a Bulgarian Legends Xl in Sofia to recognise the contribution of Aston Villa club captain and former Bulgarian captain and international Stiliyan Petrov, who was diagnosed with acute leukaemia last year. The travelling party of over 100 officials and guests from the UK, will be staying at the beautiful Pravets Golf & Spa Resort, only 40 minutes from Sofia for the duration of the event and will include a two day fundraising Golf event on the Pravets Golf Course as part of the activities. The football match will take place on Sunday, 26th May at the National Stadium and will
26 Mar 2013
The BBC recently ran a competition looking into the future, to find out what it holds for health, education, transport and even love. Titled "What If?" the BBC asked people from around Europe to send in their visions of the future. The theme was open to individual interpretation and could be presented in any visual medium the participant chose to use (photography, animation, artwork, film) but entries must have had visions of the future as their core message. The competition had two categories: still images and videos or animations of 50 seconds or less. Marina Koleva from Bulgaria was named the "Best Video from Europe" and was also
15 Mar 2013
Well it may not be everyone's cup of tea but in just 2 months this year's Eurovision Song Contest begins in Malmo, Sweden. Countries from around Europe have been busy selecting their entries for this year's competition and Bulgaria recently announced their entry with Elitsa & Stoyan and their song "Samo Shampioni" (meaning Only Champions) being chosen to represent Bulgaria for the second time in their careers. In 2007, they managed to reach the final with their song "Water" coming sixth out of the 10 qualifying semi finalists. They went on to finish in 5th place overall which was a remarkable
12 Feb 2013
Happy Pancake Day! If you're having pancakes for dinner tonight and fancy trying something different, why not make your pancakes Bulgaria style? Palachinki (Палачинки) is a popular Bulgarian style pancake and by following our easy recipe found below you can make this year's Pancake Day one to remember! Ingredients:     4 eggs     16 table spoons all purpose flour     1 table spoon sugar     1/2 table spoon salt     1/4 table spoon vanilla
17 May 2011
According to a report published by the Tourist Informational Center in Plovdiv, the number of Bulgarian and foreign tourists, who have visited Bulgaria's second largest city of Plovdiv, has increased significantly. In June 2011 there was a significant increase in visitors to the Center, seeking information, compared to the same period for 2010. Holidaymakers from around 44 different countries have visited Plovdiv so far this summer season, mainly from France, the UK, Germany, and the US. The main resaons for visits to Plovdiv have been primarily for sightseeing, cultural events, entertainment, food related tourism and shopping
20 Jan 2011
If you are travelling to Bulgaria during the first few months of the year, you have this amazing opportunity to take part in one of the most spectacular spring traditions in the country called 'the Kukeri ritual'. The tradition itself... The Kukeri is a traditional Bulgarian ritual of Thracian origins, but you can expect to find similar ones in near by countries such as Romania, Serbia, Italy and even Spain. This fun ritual is performed by the locals and anyone who wishes to take part between Christmas and Lent and by costumed men, who walk around and perform fun dance routines that are meant to scare away the evil spirits
12 Aug 2010
This small but vibrant town is located in Veliko Tarnovo, a city-based in central Bulgaria and which served as the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. Due to the stunning and historical value of Tsarevets, this area has now been turned into an archaeological museum and perfect for tourist wanting to explore history as well as a choice of guides who are more than willing to tell the story of the fortress in Bulgarian, English, Russian, French as well as German. While there you can expect to witness thick walls and three major gates that lead to an outstanding palace and views and which simply add to the character of the area. The palace
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