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This small but vibrant town is located in Veliko Tarnovo, a city based in central Bulgaria and which served as the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. Due to the stunning and historical value of Tsarevets, this area has now been turned into an archaeological museum and perfect for tourist wanting to explore history as well as a choice of guides who are more than willing to tell the story of the fortress in Bulgarian, English, Russian, French as well as German. While there you can expect to witness thick walls and three major gates that lead to an Read more ...
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It has just emerged that the Bulgarian capital (Sofia) offers the cheapest parking fees in the Balkans and beyond as found by a survey conducted by Colliers International. This survey was conducted during June 2010 and it analysed over 147 capitals and it takes in consideration the average fees charged for parking in the capitals' center areas. During the research the company found that Sofia in Bulgaria ranked 107th in the whole world for monthly prices when parking in the centres & is ahead of Warsaw as well as Dublin and just slightly behind Romania, Croatia and Montenegro's Read more ...
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