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Situated on Bulgaria's stunning Black Sea coast is the small paradise of Obzor. This friendly, laid back summer holiday resort, even at the height of the season, is unique for many reasons but without doubt its main attraction is its superb beach.
Set against the stunning backdrop of the Stara Planina mountains, this 8km long beach is one of the safest and most peaceful in Bulgaria, with calm and crystal-clear sea water.

Unfortunately we do not currently feature this resort, but please have a look at the other fantastic places we do offer as we are confident that you will find that perfect holiday destination.

Obzor Resort Guide

Cast your eyes over the beautiful beach resort town of Obzor, bordered as it is by golden sands and sparkling turquoise water, and you'll see why many thousands of holidaymakers have fallen in love with this idyllic destination. From its emerald park dotted with palm trees and quiet places to sit, to the bustling town centre teeming with cafes, bars and restaurants surrounding the ancient clock tower, it is truly a beautiful spot.

Getting around Obzor

Transfers to your hotel are quite easy, just an hour from Bourgas Airport. Once you're on holiday taxis are readily available


Obzor is lucky enough to have a large selection of traditional market stalls in addition to the many souvenir shops that one can always expect to find at popular holiday destinations. You'll find everything you need in the way of supplies for a short-term trip, including suncream, fresh fruit and vegetables for those in self-catering accommodation, meat, snacks and picnic food, with a number of supermarkets and convenience stores. There are even a few high-end clothes shops. However, for a more heavyweight shopping experience, you'll want to head to the more bustling centre of Bourgas and Varna, which is home to a number of shopping centres that will stock everything you desire, including a number of big-name brands.

Eating and drinking

As you can expect from a popular high end resort in Bulgaria, the cuisine is excellent. Strolling along the seafront, you will be confronted by excellent deals on great dishes, from traditional Bulgarian fish meals to old favourites that everyone enjoys, such as pizza and pasta.

Things to do

Being a great beach destination doesn't stop Obzor from offering a diverse range of things to do. Sports fanatics will be pleased to discover that many of these are focused around getting active, with watersports clubs and aquaparks being very common pursuits.

For many, it won't be surprising that the beach is the main attraction for Obzor itself, with its golden stretch of sand providing a great atmosphere and an excellent location for sunning oneself. There is also a superb park in the town centre - green and verdant, it's a lush environment for a quiet stroll

But theres also a great range of exciting sightseeing opportunities - from the Basilica of Holy Mother Eleusa with its stunning ocean views to the fascinating Archaeological Museum. Bulgaria has an extraordinary history and culture, and if you want to discover more about it, there are plenty of chances to do so. Visit the Church of St Sophia, for example, or the Early Byzantine termas. While these attractions are actually located outside of the centre, it's easy to use one of the transportation options explored above to head away from the resort for an afternoon.


On Fridays and Saturdays after nine o'clock in Obzor, the resort town wakes up with a bang as the clubs and the bars open their doors and invite everyone to join the party. You can expect the latest in dance music, with high-profile DJs often making their way around the larger venues. Fortunately, Obzor is within easy reach of Varna and Burgas, where the clubbing scenes are much larger, so you won't be far from a good night out every evening provided you're willing to pay for a taxi home or wait until morning when the public transport gets going again.

Events and festivals

As soon as you check in, be sure to ask if there are any events and festivals being celebrated in Obzor during your stay. While the resort town is understandably short on traditional Bulgarian festivals, there are often markets, concerts and music festivals that feature top acts from across all of Europe. However, if it's a more traditional event you're after, once again, it's wise to turn to Burgas or Varna, both of which have larger native populations. This is where events such as the National Dance Festival or Easter Fair are likely to have a greater impact. Burgas, for example, makes a point of celebrating International Folklore Day every August, while Varna is home to a multitude of beach parties and music festivals that are well worth checking out.
Average High Temperature (°C)
Average days with sun

Quick Facts
Black Sea Coast (South)
Arrival airport
Number of hotels
Transfer time
1h 30 min

Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Typical cost of
Lunch Pizza - £3
Local Beer - under £1
Three Course Meal - £10

Resort List


Popular Obzor Excursions

There is a great selection of excursions available for you to book in resort through your local rep. For your own peace of mind, we recommend that you only book excursions through your Balkan Holidays Rep to ensure you are booking with reputable excursion suppliers.

Real Bulgaria

An absolutely amazing day out to discover what this country is really like. Join us on a picturesque journey through traditional Bulgaria with fantastic photo opportunities.

Water Parks

Don't miss the chance for a fun filled family day out with lots of slides and flumes, crazy and lazy rivers, pools and much more sure to give the kids a day to remember.

Lazy Day Cruise

A summer holiday isn't complete without a day spent lazily cruising along the coastline, while topping up your tan, swimming and fishing.

Nessebar Discovery Tour

Walk through the old town where you can see remains of more than 40 historical churches, then take your time and enjoy the best of the many sea food restaurants in the town.

The Night of Tradition

Experience and taste Bulgarian culture like never before with authentic Bulgarian food and lessons in traditional Bulgarian dancing.

Tattoo Party Boat

When the Sun is out... enjoy snorkeling adventures and the adrenaline-kicking swing! The bars are open and we guarantee the most fun day of your summer.

Khans Tent

This unmissable evening in the resort is filled with live music, international artists and a delicious four course meal that will keep you entertained throughout the night.

VIP Catamaran Cruise

Sail on board a luxury Catamaran. Enjoy lunch and sip on drinks from the open bar. A millionaire's delight!

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