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Walking Holidays in Bulgaria

Walking in Bulgaria centres around two imposing mountain ranges - the mighty Rila boasting highest peaks of southeast Europe and equally dramatic Pirin range stretching all the way to Greece. Despite the fact that these areas are lesser known to British visitors, there are elaborate cob webs of paths in all resorts providing everything that an avid hiker would wish for - good trekking routes, accessible summits with alluring lakes and magnificent views.


To say that this area is spectacularly beautiful, would simply not be good enough. There are lush meadows in the valleys and bursting out, above this abundant display of nature's wealth, are the tall, craggy and majestic Pirin Mountains. The town of Bansko itself dates back hundreds of years and the old buildings are an architectural delight with their carved ceilings and murals from the Bulgarian Renaissance period. For those who want to experience authentic Bulgaria, there is good range of excursions and activities that will meet your expectations.
Arrival airport: Sofia
Transfer time: 2 hours and 30 minutes


Originally established at the end of the 19th century as a hunting ground for the Bulgarian Kings, Borovets is an all-round resort consisting of modern hotels and chalets, surrounded by beautifully smelling forests of spruce and pine. Located at the foot of the highest mountain on the Balkan peninsula Rila, the resort of Borovets is popular choice for walkers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. You'll find a programme of optional excursions, picnics and walks on offer to help you make the most of your holiday.
Arrival airport: Sofia
Transfer time: 1 hour

Bulgaria Walking Holidays Guide

Bulgaria was blessed by Mother Nature when it was given such natural Beauty. Explore the Seven Lakes of the Rila Mountains or use Bansko as a base to explore the Pirin Mountains.

Discover Bansko

Bulgaria's finest ski resort in winter, Bansko benefits from contemporary lifts providing easy access to Pirin National Park, with its 86 glacial lakes, caves and mainly coniferous forests. Try a gentle stroll across moraines to Banderitsa Hut or picturesque Okoto Lake (only 5m deep!). For an adrenalin rush, ascend to Mt. Vihren along the ridge nicknamed 'Koncheto' (small horse), where an anecdote describes novice hikers saddling the ridge edge like a horse, with a leg either side! More arrow

There is an impressive list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the area to explore and the local tourist office operates a regular programme of guided walks, tours and excursions available from June to September which can be booked locally.

Approximate local prices:
Banderitsa Hut & Okoto Lake - £19 (Walk duration: 3 hours, Level of difficulty: easy)
Three Lakes Tour - £19 (Walk duration: 3 hours, Level of difficulty: easy)
Dobrinishte Village & Popovo Lake - £23 (Walk duration: 5 hours, Level of difficulty: moderate)
Damianitsa hut & Vasilashki Lakes - £23 (Walk duration: 5 hours, Level of difficulty: moderate)
Mt. Vihren Peak - £23 (Walk duration: 5 hours, Level of difficulty: demanding)
Single journey lift ticket - £4.50 (single journey)
Return journey lift ticket - £5.50 (return journey)
Bicycle hire - £8.50 (per day)
A further range of activities, tours and excursions including Rila Monastery, Melnik Wine Region and many more are also available locally - please see our website for more information and prices.

Discover Borovets

Borovets is a 'mecca' for outdoor enthusiasts with hotels being the starting point for most popular excursions and walking itineraries offering miles of marked trails amidst some of Bulgaria's finest highland scenery. Start with Mt. Mousala, Bulgaria’s highest peak, where the trail follows the ridge up to the very summit where spectacular, unobscured mountain views are awaiting at nearly 3,000 metres. 'Sitnyakovska Skala' (Sitnyakovo rock) is one of the 'signature routes' in Borovets, running through dense pine forest. More arrow

Guests staying in Borovets will benefit from a wide range of guided walks, tours and excursions available from June to September, which can be prebooked.

Pre-bookable walking tours and excursions:
Sitnyakovska Skala Rock - £7 (Walk duration: 2-3 hours, Level of difficulty: easy)
Tsari Mali Grad fortress - £9.50 (Walk duration: 3-4 hours, Level of difficulty: easy)
Deno Peak & Mousala Hut - £13.50 (Walk duration: 5 hours, Level of difficulty: moderate)
Seven Rila Lakes - £24 (Walk duration: 7 hours, Level of difficulty: moderate)
Mousala Peak & Hut - £13.00 (Walk duration: 8 hours, Level of difficulty: demanding)
Sitnyakovo Photo Safari - £11 (Duration: 4-5 hours)
Gvardeiska polyana / Chernata Skala Photo Safari - £13.00 (Duration: 3-4 hours)
Sitnyakovo Off-Road Tour - £22.50 (Duration: 4-5 hours)
Gvardeiska polyana / Chernata Skala Off-Road Tour - £22.50 (Duration: 3-4 hours)

Food and Drink

Eating out in Bulgaria is extremely popular & affordable and because of its geographical position and diverse history, local cuisine is a mixture of the Slavic, Greek and Turkish dishes. Trying at least one of the following national specialities is a must: 'Shopska salad' (diced tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers topped with grated feta cheese); 'Sirene po Shopski' (white cheese oven baked with eggs and tomatoes). Bulgaria is also home to some excellent locally produced wines.


The monetary unit in Bulgaria is the Lev. There are approx. 2.30 Levs to £1.00 (at April 2017). Foreign currency can be exchanged at the airports, banks, exchange bureaux, post offices and hotels. Cash machines are available in all resorts and the more important tourist areas.


Bulgaria is a country of mountains sharing the same latitude as South of France, enjoying hot summers and average temperature of 27°C with pleasantly cool evenings. Proximity of Greece brings hot air that mixed with fresh mountain air can create an occasional thunderstorm.
Average High Temperature (°C)
Average days with sun

Quick Facts
Time Zone
GMT +2
Arrival airports
Flying Time
3hrs - 4hrs
Lakes and Mountains Resorts

Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Typical cost of
Lunch Pizza - £3
Local Beer - under £1
Three Course Meal - £10

Resort List


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