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Balkan Holidays Ratings

All hotels on this website have been given a Balkan Holidays rating.

This is based on our company knowledge only, so please do not compare it with other countries such as Spain or Britain as our destinations are totally different. Our references allow you to pick the best hotel to suit your needs and budget.

2 Star - Basic and no-frills, but good value for money. You will not have a TV or phone, rooms and bathrooms will be small. Perfect for the value-conscious holidaymaker who spends the day out and about. Only a few hotels have swimming pools.

3 Star - Standard accommodation with in-house facilities. Rooms generally have both TV and phones. Please read through descriptions carefully, as some properties have better rooms with fewer facilities, and vice-versa. Most hotels will offer the use of a swimming pool.

4 Star - Modern, large hotels with lots of facilities. Rooms and bathrooms are spacious and well equipped. If comfort and convenience are important, then go for this standard of accommodation.

5 Star - As the category suggests, these hotels offer excellent service and luxurious accommodation with a superb range of facilities.

Certain hotels fall between two categories; here, we have added a PLUS to aid your decision making.


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