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Flight Delays And Compensation

Unfortunately, flight delays do sometimes occur.

These delays are beyond our control and as a tour operator, we cannot accept liability for any expenses incurred as a result. Under EU Law you are entitled to some compensation from the airline in certain cases, eg; denied boarding or cancellation, full details will be available at EU airports. Please note however, that you are not entitled to a full refund of your holiday cost from us in these circumstances.

In the event of a delay, we will do our best to help you and ensure that the delay is as short as possible.

If a delay exceeds 3 hours, we will provide light refreshments. In the event of a delay exceeding 6 hours, a meal will be provided, and for longer delays exceeding 12 hours, overnight accommodation and meals at appropriate times will be provided.

Please note that welfare provided is dependant on airport facilities available at the time. The above is without prejudice to your rights against the airline under the European Denied Boarding Regulations 261/2004.


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