4 Tongue Tantalising Dishes of Croatia
4 Tongue Tantalising Dishes of Croatia
21 Apr 2018

If you're wondering what culinary delights await you on your visit to Croatia, you've come to the right place! In this article we present you with four delicious, mouth-watering Croatian dishes that we have tried and love. Be sure to look out for and try these heavenly dishes on your next holiday to Croatia.

1. Pasticada

If the description of this traditional meat dish doesn't have your mouth watering, then quite frankly, there's something wrong with you. A hefty joint is taken for marinating - a whole 24 hours before it is cooked - in a sauce of red wine, garlic and various herbs. While it's on the heat, the flavour is further enriched with the addition of carrots, onions, cloves and nutmeg. The resulting sauce is full of flavours - a real treat.

2. Crni Rizot

Commonly referred to as black risotto, this is a Dalmatian specialty that you'll see most commonly on the islands. Its name and distinctive flavour - quite unlike any other risotto you'll ever have tried - comes from the squid's ink. Don't forget to grate cheese over the top in true Croatian style!

3. Riba na Gradele i Blitva

This commonly served combination is simply everywhere throughout Dalmatia, so it would be rude not to give it a go one evening - especially as it tastes simply delicious. Mixed grilled fish is carefully sliced and grilled over a wood fire. Mouth watering yet? Good - there's more. Garlic, parsley and olive oil is then added as well as leafy green chard. The whole lot is then boiled with potatoes, creating a dish that perfectly embodies the Croatian tradition of simple food done right.

4. Samobor Kremsnita

After the main meal, you'll no doubt want to satisfy your sweet tooth. Samobor Kremsnita is perfect for this - a delicious vanilla cream cake with a puff pastry top that is usually sprinkled with icing sugar. They're known for being a tad addictive - the satisfying crumble of the pastry as you bite into it contrasts nicely with the sweet gooey sensation of the vanilla custard. You'll definitely want to ask for at least two.

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