03 Jan 2024
What You Need To Take On a Skiing Holiday
You’ve been looking forward to your holiday for months and now it’s nearly time to go you need to get stuff done… well because we’re so helpful we’ve compiled a list of things you need. This isn’t a list of absolutely everything you need to take on holiday including toothpaste and undies! It’s what you need to take as a skier. We hope you find this useful, especially if you’re going skiing or snowboarding for the first time… Clothes for when you’re skiing When skiing you need waterproof clothes, especially if you’re a beginner as you are bound to take a couple of tumbles
10 Oct 2023
Why book Balkan Holidays & Bulgaria For Your Skiing Holiday
We’ve been thinking hard about why a skiing holiday to Bulgaria with Balkan Holidays is a great choice. Here are 10 reasons for starters…!  1. Excellent value for money - our ski resorts of Borovets & Bansko offer affordable ski holidays not only with the price of the holiday and ski services but also when you’re on holiday as the cost of living in Bulgaria is so much lower! Plus we offer a low deposit of only £70pp! 2. We offer a huge choice of accommodation - Whether you prefer to be away from it all or in the centre of resort, half board or more independent with self catering, we have a huge
06 Oct 2023
Let’s Take a look at…CROATIA
Back in the 1980’s Yugoslavia was a very popular holiday destination for us Brits. The country was actually a collection of several countries, Croatia being one of them, and Croatia was the country that most tourists visited. But then in 1991 the Yugoslav civil war broke out and tourism stopped. The war lasted until 1995 and a few years after that tourism started again.   Nearly twenty years on and Croatia is again a very popular holiday destination. One visit to any resort or town along the long winding coastline and you can see why it was so popular both in the 1980s and again now.  One of the main reasons for
23 Aug 2023
Why choose Bansko or Borovets for your first skiing holiday?
Bansko and Borovets are a good choice for beginners, indeed many skiers have learnt to ski in these two resorts, let’s look at why?  The Mountain The mountains of Bansko and Borovets are smaller than other neighbouring European countries. This makes things like ski packs (lessons, equipment and lift passes) cheaper as there is less mountains to cover and so the lift systems are smaller and less expensive. Being new to ski it’s likely that you won’t need to cover miles of piste so this alone makes Bulgaria the perfect choice for beginners! Good Ski Instructors  Many people learn to ski in Bulgaria and one
10 Aug 2023
Useful Tips When on Holiday in Sunny Beach
  With the summer season in full swing we thought we would share some useful tips while you’re on holiday in Sunny Beach.   The Beach Sunny Beach has a sandy beach that’s 8kms long, so a few days on the beach is recommended. Once there you will see there are lots of parasols and sunbeds, there isn’t one price though, it depends where you are on the beach. If you’re in the middle it will cost more than if you’re further along, so do make sure you are happy with where you are and the price before choosing. There are also ‘free zones’ where there are no sunbeds, you can just enjoy
18 Jul 2023
Bulgaria Still Has The Lowest Local Prices
There are many reasons that make Bulgaria a popular beach holiday destination. Let’s start with the fantastic weather, then there’s those wonderful sandy beaches, the friendly locals, the wide choice of hotels and apartments and of course the great value holidays that we offer :) But there are many destinations that offer all this, what else does Bulgaria offer that makes it so popular? Well if you haven’t twigged yet let us tell you, it’s the low cost of living when you’re on holiday! That’s the big reason that makes people return again and again, so good in fact that Sunny Beach consistently tops the
19 Jan 2023
10 Reasons to Book Bulgaria with Balkan Holidays
Are you considering booking a holiday to Bulgaria this summer? Well here are 10 reasons to book Bulgaria with us…    1) We Are The Number 1 Tour Operator to Bulgaria  Balkan Holidays are the leading tour operator to Bulgaria. We take more people on holiday to Bulgaria than any other tour operator and that makes us number 1!    2) We Offer the Biggest Choice of the Best Value Holidays to Bulgaria  We offer the biggest choice of the best value holidays to Bulgaria with more flights, resorts and hotels than anyone else. From small family owned 2 star hotels to 4 & 5 luxury hotels that
04 Jan 2023
Simon Calder Says….Your money goes further in Bulgaria!
We’ve been telling everyone for years that Bulgaria is a great holiday destination, about how wonderful the weather is, how soft the sandy beaches are, the excellent hotels and of course the low cost of living there.   You would expect that from us, it’s our job! However when Simon Calder, the UK’s leading travel journalist and broadcaster says it, then we feel really chuffed!   When Simon was asked in a television interview last week where to go on holiday for the best deals he replied: 'If you are simply looking for the places where your pound will stretch the furthest when you get there, in
23 Nov 2022
Elon Musk and the Belogradchik Fortress
Yesterday a Bulgarian photographer put on his twitter feed a picture he had taken of the Belogradchik Fortress in Bulgaria. Nothing unusual about that, although it was a beautiful picture taken by a drone in perfect light…but then Elon Musk tweeted about it and now everyone wants to know more!   The tech billionaire tweeted ‘Pretty sure that was in Elden Ring’, a reference to the very popular computer game set in a fantasy world. This is why people are now interested in the Belogradchik Fortress because there is somewhere where people can visit and experience that is just like a fantasy world, and that place is
27 Oct 2022
Stay Safe On The Slopes This Winter
Judging by the way most Bulgarians are known to drive, you may be forgiven for being a little cautious before hitting the slopes for the very first time in Bulgaria. However whilst it is true to say that general disregard for the rules is commonly experienced on the roads, skiing in Bulgaria is nowhere near as hazardous or nerve-racking as the driving. Evidence over the years has shown that is not necessarily the locals, most of whom are good skiers even if a little reckless, that cause the biggest danger on the slopes. It is commonly known that every skier and snowboarder should follow the International (FIS) code of conduct for skiers;
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