15 Jun 2025
Bulgaria on a Budget
We all like a bargain don’t we? And this definitely applies to booking a holiday, after all it is one of the major purchases we make each year. As we have been offering great value holidays for 58 years we like to think we know something about the subject and so we’d like to give you some tips about holidaying on a bargain, so here they are…   When to go There are times during the summer when prices are lower, like June or September. Demand in these months is lower than other times and there’s not so many people in the resorts so if you can, book your holiday for travel in these months, you’ll find the price you pay will
26 Jan 2024
Get a Taste of Bulgarian Food
We know that All Inclusive Hotels are very popular these days but there is still something special about a day spent on the beach and then going back to your hotel for a shower and then hitting the town for a lovely dinner as the sun sets. This is what helps make holidays special… So, if you are Booking Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast then this blog is for you! There’s a wide choice of restaurants in the resorts we offer. Big restaurants on the beach, restaurants on the main street, small restaurants tucked away in a side street …all of them serving food from all over the world. So, which one do you choose? Well, it’s said
08 Nov 2022
The Best Sunny Beach Bars To Watch Football
Usually the World Cup and European Championships are held in the summer so we thought it would be good to produce a guide to the best bars in Sunny Beach for watching football in the next time any of the four home nations get to the finals and we can cheer them on in the comfort of a nice bar with some refreshments! • The Sport Pub Located near the middle reception area of the Hotel Pomorie towards the western part of the resort, the Sports Bar offers a big screen to watch the game with traditional entertainment such as bingo, quizzes etc. throughout the day and night. You can pick up a large beer for just 3-5 Leva
09 Sep 2022
5 Brilliant Places To Eat Out In Bansko
As Bulgaria’s number one winter resort, Bansko offers a wide selection of restaurants and bars for you to enjoy during your stay. Finding something special amongst such a huge choice can sometimes be a daunting task, so we’ve put together this short list of what we consider some of the best places to eat out in Bansko and help make choosing where to eat out just a little easier... The Irish Harp Cuisine: Irish Joining the Bansko restaurant and bar scene in 2012, Brian and the crew at the Irish Harp have stormed onto the Bansko pub scene and quickly established the Irish Harp as one of the places to try. Serving up a
04 May 2022
Wines of Bulgaria
Grape growing and wine production have a long history in Bulgaria, dating back to the times of the Thracians. Wine is, together with Beer and Rakia, among the most popular alcoholic beverages in the country. Bulgaria was the world's second largest wine producer in 1980's, but the industry declined after the collapse of communism. Wine production is growing again, reaching 108m litres in 2011, an increase of 4.9% from the previous year. Bulgaria's fertile lands are now once again one of the world's largest producers of wine after France, Spain, Italy & Greece. A visit to any part of Bulgaria is not complete without
21 Jan 2022
What Happens When The Skiing Stops? Apres Ski!
What is there to do in Bulgaria’s ski resorts when the skiing stops? What is the apres ski scene like? Well if you really want to you can go night skiing in Borovets and Bansko, but come one, have a day off, or should that be a night off! So if you can tear yourself away from the ski runs you’ll find that at night in Bulgaria’s ski resorts is when the fun really starts!  Let’s start with dinner at a local restaurant, or a mehana (meaning tavern) as they call them in Bansko. Bulgarian food is delicious, especially in the numerous restaurants you’ll find in our three featured resorts. All food is sourced
21 May 2021
Wine And Rakia - A Must On Your Next Visit To Bulgaria
Wine and Rakia - a must on your next visit to Bulgaria Traditional Bulgarian drinks are grouped into five main categories: wine, beer, distilled and fermented liquors and hot beverages. The most popular member of the distilled liquors group throughout the Balkans and in Bulgaria is rakia. Rakia, the fruit brandy of the Balkan region, is made by distillation of fermented fruits, such as plums, apricots and grapes, however rakia varieties made of other, less commonly used fruits are also available. After distillation, plum and grape rakia are sometimes mixed with other ingredients, such as herbs, honey, sour cherries and walnuts. The
26 Mar 2020
4 Reasons Why You'll Love A Holiday To Croatia
Few places are as mind-numbingly unforgettable and extraordinary as Croatia. A journey here isn't something you're likely to forget in a lifetime (or three), and if you're looking for proof, here are our reasons below. 1. Follow in the footsteps of the Starks and Lannisters There are lots of reasons to visit Croatia, but judging by recent press releases from the nation's tourism office, this will be number one for many of the people flying to Dubrovnik this summer. Unless you've been living with your head underneath a rock for the past half a decade, you'll know this is one of the stunning shooting locations for
28 Aug 2018
Top Five Foods You Must Try In Bulgaria
Here at Balkan Holidays, we believe Bulgarian cuisine is vastly underrated on the global scene. Move over, delicatessens of France and sushi bars of Japan - we think it's high time the eateries and restaurants serving shopska salad and tarator get their turn. Bulgaria has a reputation for having a varied and exciting eating scene that also manages to be very healthy. When it comes to choosing something to drink with your meal, opt for one of Bulgaria's famed wines, which are grown and bottled all over the country and have attained worldwide recognition. If your taste buds start tingling, locate the nearest establishment selling food and
21 Apr 2018
4 Tongue Tantalising Dishes of Croatia
If you're wondering what culinary delights await you on your visit to Croatia, you've come to the right place! In this article we present you with four delicious, mouth-watering Croatian dishes that we have tried and love. Be sure to look out for and try these heavenly dishes on your next holiday to Croatia. 1. Pasticada If the description of this traditional meat dish doesn't have your mouth watering, then quite frankly, there's something wrong with you. A hefty joint is taken for marinating - a whole 24 hours before it is cooked - in a sauce of red wine, garlic and various herbs. While it's on the heat, the
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