23 Nov 2022
Elon Musk and the Belogradchik Fortress
Yesterday a Bulgarian photographer put on his twitter feed a picture he had taken of the Belogradchik Fortress in Bulgaria. Nothing unusual about that, although it was a beautiful picture taken by a drone in perfect light…but then Elon Musk tweeted about it and now everyone wants to know more!   The tech billionaire tweeted ‘Pretty sure that was in Elden Ring’, a reference to the very popular computer game set in a fantasy world. This is why people are now interested in the Belogradchik Fortress because there is somewhere where people can visit and experience that is just like a fantasy world, and that place is
31 Oct 2022
Top 3 Spooky Attractions In Bulgaria
Being so rich in history, it is hardly surprising that Bulgaria is also a hub for hauntings and scary activities. We have put together our top 3 of the spookiest locations in Bulgaria to visit if you're brave enough... Happy Halloween! Devil's Bridge, Ardino Constructed between 1515 and 1518, the Devil’s Bridge is the most stunning of the humpbacked bridges that cross the Arda River in Bulgaria. It was built over a demolished Roman bridge and cuts from the steep slopes of the Rhodope Mountains along an ancient road linking the Aegean Sea and the Northern Thracian Valley. The reason some locals hesitate to cross over at
13 Sep 2017
Borovets Bike Park
 Ever wondered what to do in a mountain ski resort during the summer? Here is an idea: our Lakes & Mountains Holidays to Borovets offer a wide range of outdoor activities at the mountain resort, for example an exciting day at the Borovets Bike Park. The Bike Park covers more than 20km of marked mountain trails with different levels of difficulty, suitable for beginners and experts. Click for a larger view of the map.  The park has a 2400m long downhill trail, and a 14km long family track, the latter takes about 2 hours to complete. And how to get up to the hill with your bike? There is a special equipment on the
16 Mar 2017
A Brief History: Balkan Holidays & Bulgaria Tourism
Since the fall of communism in 1989, tourism in Bulgaria has continued to grow with over 10 million annual visitors to the country in 2011 alone. The number of UK holidaymakers arriving in Bulgaria also increased during 2012 by 4.5% due to the incredible value for money offered in the Bulgarian resorts during harsh economic times for the average UK tourist. As a significant contributor to Bulgaria's economy, new types of tourism have developed over recent years including cultural, architectural and historic tours, eco-tourism and adventure tours, opening the doors for a new range of experiences for visitors to the country. The main
24 Sep 2014
Discover Something New... Summer in Bansko
Certainly no less attractive than a beach holiday on the Black Sea Coast, Bansko, the winter capital of the Balkans, has now firmly established itself as one of the best destinations for a lakes & mountains holiday during the summer too. Each year more holidaymakers are choosing a summer holiday in the Pirin Mountain due to the magnificent beauty and unbeatable value the region has to offer. Bansko welcomes thousands of tourists from around Europe during the summer and hosts a number of events including the 2013 International Jazz Festival. The Pirin Nature Park is full of eco paths and travel routes which will surprise you with every
18 Aug 2014
Golf Holidays to Bulgaria Mountains – Pirin Golf Hotel & Spa
 Bulgaria is Europe’s newest golf destination, and Balkan Holidays offer golf holidays to two main golf regions: Cape Kaliakra by the Black Sea, and Bansko in the Pirin Mountains.  Pirin Golf Hotel & Spa in Bansko is a five star resort, perfectly located in the beautiful Razlog valley, where you have the rare opportunity to tee off among pine tree-lined fairways. You can play 18 holes on the Ian Woosnam golf course or 5 holes on the amazing new Pine course, while the Golf Academy provides top class facilities to improve your swing. For relaxation after a day on the course, there is a Spa and Wellness centre with
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