13 Oct 2022
Discover 6 Hidden Secrets of Bulgaria
Besides the many well known places to visit in Bulgaria such as the Rila Monastery, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia and of course the Black Sea Coast resorts, this diverse and interesting country is also home to numerous hidden gems, less known to the many annual tourists, but just as worth seeing as the main attractions. Join us now as we take you through 6 of these magical attractions we think you should experience on your next holiday to Bulgaria... 1. Belogradchik Rocks The stunning Belogradchik Rocks are a group of oddly shaped sandstone and conglomerate rock formations found on the western slopes of the Balkan Mountains
16 Mar 2022
Varna - The Sea Capital of Bulgaria
The city of Varna is known as the sea capital of Bulgaria and it is this unofficial title that hints at the reasons that make it a great place to explore while on holiday in the country. Located in the north east of the nation on the shores of the Black Sea, Varna has all the charm associated with a coastal destination, as well as the historical and cultural attributes of Bulgaria's third largest city. This means it ticks all the boxes for a family holiday where everyone wants to see and do something different. Since a town was established on the site in the sixth century, it has acted as a sea port and over the years been in
23 Apr 2021
Summer Holidays To Varna Bulgaria
Summer Holidays to Varna, Bulgaria Varna is the seaside or summer capital of Bulgaria,  with a population of 351 thousand, and the 3rd biggest city in Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv. The popular summer resort, Golden Sands is 17km from the town centre to the north. Varna The city offers more than just the beach and sun: a number of historical monuments and culture make your summer holiday in Bulgaria even more colourful. Varna is one of the oldest cities of Europe, it was founded in 570 BC by the Milethians, but it was populated much earlier than that. The Greek necropolis, discovered in 1972 by accident, can still be seen with
05 Sep 2018
It's not called "Golden Sands" for just any reason...
As Bulgaria's second largest summer beach resort, Golden Sands on the northern Black Sea coast boasts all of the same amenities as its southern counterpart, Sunny Beach, but is perhaps set in a more relaxed, less busy environment. Situated approximately 25 kilometres from Varna airport, the short transfer from the airport will bring you to the doorstep of one of the most beautiful beaches in Eastern Europe, with over 3 kilometres of Blue Flag pure gold and white sandy beach, there certainly is plenty of space to relax, sunbathe and try out some of the fantastic water sports on offer. Mainly attracting families and couples, the
07 Jun 2018
Bulgaria's Stone Forest - a fascinating day trip from Varna
Bulgaria may be a great sun, sea and sand destination, but it also has its fair share of cultural and historical sites too. Holidaymakers keen to explore some of the surrounding area close to the popular Varna Resort may wish to visit Pobiti Kamani - an ancient stone forest dating back millions of years. The site's name literally translates as 'hammered stones', as this phenomenon looks as if it has been created by giants driving the rock formations into the ground. In reality, it is not known how the stones, which are across seven kilometres of desert, came about, with many legends having arisen to explain their existence
23 Sep 2017
5 Holidaymaker Favourites - Summer Excursions in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a fascinating country. Steeped in rich cultural history and an abundance of ancient architecture left by its five centuries of Ottoman rule and thousands of years of Bulgarian Empire reign, there certainly is plenty to see and do on your holiday to Bulgaria. At Balkan Holidays we know not everyone's holiday is complete with just lazing on a sun-lounger or swimming in the pool. With this in mind we have carefully put together an amazing selection of excursions to satisfy all tastes and ages. Here are a few of our customers favourite excursions you can look forward to on your next summer holiday to Bulgaria. 1. Day Trip
22 May 2017
Destination Tip Part One: Bulgarian Riviera – North
Find out about some of the best and most popular Bulgarian summer holiday resorts in our two part blog special featuring the stunning beach resorts of both the north and south of this fantastic country. Put your feet up and relax as we kick start part one of the northern resorts with the most popular and well known resort of Golden Sands... 1. GOLDEN SANDS Escape to a summer holiday by the sea with glorious scenery and wooded hillsides sweeping down to meet one of the world's most beautiful beaches and blue sparkling sea. There is plenty to do by day and by night but if you want to take it easy, the friendly, relaxing atmosphere is
08 Feb 2017
Top Activities For Kids At Golden Sands
Every parent knows that keeping the kids entertained is key when it comes to having a happy and relaxed holiday.   Luckily this is not a problem at the resort of Golden Sands in Bulgaria, as there are so many activities for kids of all ages to enjoy, they won't know where to start.   Well, we recommend the beach as their first stop, as building sandcastles and splashing around in the sea are always top family activities and Golden Sands has a safe clean expanse perfect for these sorts of fun and games.   Once they have exhausted what to do on the shore, then they can always head out on the water to enjoy
28 Aug 2013
New Terminal At Varna Airport Opens For Business
Yesterday was a landmark day for the city of Varna as the new passenger terminal at Varna Airport on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast came in to full use, 12 days after its official opening. As of 3pm, all arrivals and departures began passing through the new terminal, announced by the airport on its website. The first serviced domestic flight was to Sofia with the national carrier "Bulgaria Air" while the first international passengers served in the new Varna Airport terminal came from Minsk with the aviation company “Belavia”. At the same time, the old terminal at Varna Airport closed after 41 years of
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