06 Oct 2023
Let’s Take a look at…CROATIA
Back in the 1980’s Yugoslavia was a very popular holiday destination for us Brits. The country was actually a collection of several countries, Croatia being one of them, and Croatia was the country that most tourists visited. But then in 1991 the Yugoslav civil war broke out and tourism stopped. The war lasted until 1995 and a few years after that tourism started again.   Nearly twenty years on and Croatia is again a very popular holiday destination. One visit to any resort or town along the long winding coastline and you can see why it was so popular both in the 1980s and again now.  One of the main reasons for
21 Sep 2022
The Best of Croatia Revealed
As a destination, Croatia lays out a feast of unrivaled beauty and a rich history suppressing the appetite for a unique and memorable holiday of anyone who arrives at its door. The crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea stretching from Istria in the north to the Dubrovnik Riviera in the south, give Croatia one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The modern and vibrant cities of Zagreb, Split and Rijeka reveal architectural marvels during the day and come alive at night with visitors and locals partying the night away together under the bright city lights. With an ever growing reputation, you may ask what exactly makes
15 Sep 2022
Summer Holidays in Lumbarda, Croatia
The small resort town of Lumbarda, with 1200 inhabitants, lies in a shallow bay on the island of Korcula, 7 km from the town of Korcula. It has its own marina, some Roman ruins, a medieval church and a few villas. Its sandy beaches have made Lumbarda a popular summer destination, especially for those traveling with children. The main attraction of the island is the grk (greek) wine produced here. The uniqueness of this wine comes from the fact that the Eastern part of the island is actually a yellowish-redish sand bank. Add an enormous amount of sunny hours, and you get the special essence of grk wine. The wine produced from these grapes
12 Sep 2022
Summer Holidays to Cavtat, Croatia
Cavtat is a small, idyllic seaside resort town 15km south of Dubrovnik, one of the southernmost ones in Croatia, with a population of just 2000. This town in Southern Dalmatia has a vary old and rich history, it was founded as Epidaurus in the 6th century B.C. by the Greeks. It became a part of the Roman Empire in 228 B.C., when its name was changed to Epidaurum. Later it got occupied by Byzantine, Ancient Avar and Slavic conquerors, then it was demolished in the 6-7th century A.D. The town got rebuilt in the medieval ages. Its current name comes from the Latin term “Civitas Vetus”, or Old City. It has become a popular tourist
23 Aug 2022
Find your perfect holiday on the Island of Brac
Brac, also called the island of grapes and olives, with a population of 13,000, is the largest island of Dalmatia. It is also the location of the highest peak of all Adriatic islands: Vidova Gora at 774m above sea level, provides a spectacular view from the top, where all other islands are visible in clear weather. Brac is famous for its marble, the building material of the White House in Washington, DC. The numerous towns of the island give you varied experiences, such as quiet relaxing holidays, night parties, historical or ancient monuments and cultural entertainments. Supetar, the town with the highest population of the island
12 Jul 2022
Summer resorts on Dubrovnik Riviera - Family holidays in Orebic, Croatia
 Orebic on the Dubrovnik Riviera offers a wide choice of activities for your family holiday in Croatia. Why choose Orebic? Orebic lies on the Peljesac Peninsula halfway between Dubrovnik and Split, easily available from the airports of both, offering a wide choice of activities for your family holiday in Croatia. Orebic boasts some of the finest beaches and lies just beneath the Mount St Ilija, offering spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea. There are walking and hiking opportunities to the surrounding area and a stunning path to a mountain spring and just up to the summit. A wide range of sports facilities, seafood restaurants
11 Jul 2022
Summer Holidays to Croatia - Makarska Riviera
Apart from the town of Makarska itself, there are some other picturesque seaside resorts along the Makarska Riviera the on the Croatian coastline. Balkan Holidays offer package Summer Holidays to Baska Voda and Tucepi.  The former fishermen’s village has become one of the most popular destinations of Makarska Riviera. Today, the main industry of Baska Voda is tourism: its first hotel was built in 1936. In 2007, Sunday Times chose Baska Voda one of the Top 20 European seaside destinations, the only one from Croatia.  Its 2km long pebble beach, surrounded by forests, offers a great relaxing experience. Cafés and
12 May 2022
Summer Holidays to Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, probably the most beautiful city in Croatia, and one of the most beautiful summer holiday resorts of the world, is situated in Dalmatia, the southernmost corner of Croatia. Its old town has been a Unesco World Heritage site since 1994. Visitors are amazed by its beautiful houses and crystal clear, deep blue sea. Dubrovnik is often called the Pearl of the Adriatic, it is the center of Croatian literature, and the birthplace of a number of writers. As George Bernard Shaw once said: “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and see Dubrovnik”. This paradise on Earth has been subject to infernal
13 Apr 2022
Dubrovnik III – The Rector’s Palace and Forts
Rector’s Palace (Knezev dvor) The Rector’s Palace, situated text to the Cathedral, used to be the headquarters of the governor of Dubrovnik. It was built in the 15th century, mixing gothic and renaissance styles. The palace houses a museum today. Fort Bokar was built for defence purposes, then it served as a prison. Many of the performances, for example pieces of Shakespeare, are held here. The fort is situated outside the city walls on a 36-metre rock. It used to serve defence purposes, today it hosts cultural events. Construction allegedly took just 3 months to complete around the 14th century. Fort Minceta The most
08 Dec 2020
Why Hvar is the place to be this Summer
 A visit to Hvar this summer will allow you to explore Croatia's best beach life, natural scenery, nightlife and more. Swathes of pebbly beach edging gently into the sea. Intimate bays with old-fashioned fishing boats bobbing beautifully in the water. Stunning Gothic palaces that dominate picturesque town squares and traffic-free streets. These are just three of the reasons why the Croatian island and its eponymous town are the place to be this summer. Charming, charismatic and ever beautiful, Hvar is one of those rare destinations that caters for anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter what you're into, you'll
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