Let’s Take a look at…CROATIA
Let’s Take a look at…CROATIA
06 Oct 2023

Back in the 1980’s Yugoslavia was a very popular holiday destination for us Brits. The country was actually a collection of several countries, Croatia being one of them, and Croatia was the country that most tourists visited. But then in 1991 the Yugoslav civil war broke out and tourism stopped. The war lasted until 1995 and a few years after that tourism started again.  

Nearly twenty years on and Croatia is again a very popular holiday destination. One visit to any resort or town along the long winding coastline and you can see why it was so popular both in the 1980s and again now. 

One of the main reasons for its popularity is the beautiful hot southern Europe weather where the sun shines all day and temperatures hovers around the mid thirties, perfect. Then there are the sparkling crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, you can be swimming in water that’s 5 metres deep and see the sea bed no problem, it really is that clear. Then there are the beaches, now Croatia doesn’t have sandy beaches, but they are beautiful nonetheless, and they are of course lapped by the crystal clear Adriatic. Another nice feature about beaches in Croatia is that often there are Pine Trees at the beginning of the beach where you can take a break from the unrelenting sun and enjoy some cool shade. 

Now we move on to the resorts and towns that are dotted along the coastline. Croatia was once part of the Venetian Empire and so many old buildings have that very distinct Italian, or to be more precise, Venetian, design. Many towns have a church tower resembling St Marks in Venice and it just adds to the beauty of these towns. 

You can stroll through the streets where the cobbles have been worn down over the years and now shine in the midday sun. Then enjoy a cool drink and lunch in a waterfront restaurant and gaze out across the Adriatic, sounds idyllic doesn’t it. 

The hotels in Croatia are excellent too. Most are 3 and 4 star and offer very comfortable accommodation and a very high standard of service. There are also a number of luxury 5 star hotels that are the equal of a 5 star hotel in other European holiday destinations.  

So there it is, if you choose Croatia for your holiday you’ll enjoy all of this and much more. As a specialist tour operator to this wonderful country we offer a selection of hotels and flights from your local airport, all at very competitive prices that include our online booking discount and if you have booked with us before we are pleased to offer our very popular 5% loyalty discount. Plus, if you book now for summer 2024 all you pay is £125 per person with the balance due 10 weeks prior to your date of travel. So do visit our website or feel free to call us on 020 7543 5555 – we look forward to hearing from you.

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