01 Feb 2024
Luxury Holidays in Bulgaria
As the true specialist tour operator to Bulgaria, we are the first to say that whatever your budget we have a holiday for you. With that in mind let’s have a look at the luxury end of things in Bulgaria and ask the question, what luxury holidays does Bulgaria offer? Well, we sent a crack team to check out a selection of luxury hotels along the Black Sea coast…(it’s a difficult job, but hey, someone has to do it!). This is what they came back with… First, let’s define luxury. Of course one person’s idea of luxury isn’t the same as someone else’s, but generally we would say a luxury hotel would be an high grade 4 Star or
26 Jan 2024
Get a Taste of Bulgarian Food
We know that All Inclusive Hotels are very popular these days but there is still something special about a day spent on the beach and then going back to your hotel for a shower and then hitting the town for a lovely dinner as the sun sets. This is what helps make holidays special… So, if you are Booking Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast then this blog is for you! There’s a wide choice of restaurants in the resorts we offer. Big restaurants on the beach, restaurants on the main street, small restaurants tucked away in a side street …all of them serving food from all over the world. So, which one do you choose? Well, it’s said
19 Jan 2024
Glorious Golden Sands…
Let’s talk Glorious Golden Sands! A fabulous beach resort in the north of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. Golden Sands is a wonderful beach resort located 25kms from Varna on the beautiful Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Varna is Bulgaria’s ‘second’ city and Golden Sands is actually the second largest beach resort in Bulgaria, after Sunny Beach. As you would expect it has a long sandy beach, but hey, all beach resorts in Bulgaria have a long sandy beach! But what people like about Golden Sands is the nice relaxed atmosphere. You can wander along the promenade that stretches from one end of the beach to the other,
03 Oct 2022
Why Bulgaria Should Be Your Next Summer Family Holiday Destination
Family holidays to Bulgaria can be both an interesting and rewarding experience, especially if you have taken some extra time before travelling to ensure you have considered all the factors important to you and your family on a summer holiday. Whether you are planning your summer holiday to Bulgaria with teenagers or young children, the right choice of resort and accommodation is essential. Besides the time you spend together as a family, there may be occasions when they will require their own activities and entertainment to continue having fun while giving you a much needed opportunity to relax and unwind during your holiday. With the
16 Mar 2022
Varna - The Sea Capital of Bulgaria
The city of Varna is known as the sea capital of Bulgaria and it is this unofficial title that hints at the reasons that make it a great place to explore while on holiday in the country. Located in the north east of the nation on the shores of the Black Sea, Varna has all the charm associated with a coastal destination, as well as the historical and cultural attributes of Bulgaria's third largest city. This means it ticks all the boxes for a family holiday where everyone wants to see and do something different. Since a town was established on the site in the sixth century, it has acted as a sea port and over the years been in
19 Jan 2022
Could This Be The Perfect Day In Golden Sands?
Idyllic sands, plenty to do and personality aplomb, it really is no wonder Golden Sands is such a popular option for those seeking summer holidays in Bulgaria. So how would your perfect day here go? We've put our own one together in case you're seeking a bit of inspiration. Breakfast As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the morning. Bulgarian cuisine is renowned for using fresh ingredients and a simple but well-done approach. A favourite breakfast of the country is banitsa, a dough filled with various fillings that might include cheese, spinach, rice and meat, but the joy of staying in Golden Sands is
11 Jun 2021
Golden Sands - A Truly Beautiful Beach & Exceptional Hotels
Golden Sands - A Truly Beautiful Beach & Exceptional Hotels Situated only 18km from Bulgaria's third largest city, Varna, Golden Sands offers visitors a unique holiday experience with a number of first class hotels and one of the very best beaches around. The resort name of Golden Sands was born from an old legend where Pirates dug for vast quantities of gold along the seaside, north of Varna infuriating mother nature. The land then took revenge on the bandits by transforming their gold into wonderful soft sand. Golden Sands, Bulgaria has developed over the years into a famous international resort and the largest on the
11 May 2021
Golden Sands Excursions for the Summer season
When on a summer holiday to Golden Sands, you mustn’t miss some of the attractions of the area. Our resort reps can arrange a number of daytrips from your hotel in Golden Sands, for example an excursion to the old fishing village of Sozopol with its famous wooden houses including a visit to the stunning Ropotamo River.   You can book a tour to the breathtaking Blue Mountains, you can take part in thrilling Jeep safaris, or enjoy leisurely daytime cruises. If you fancy, you can step on another continent in Istanbul.  You can spend traditional Bulgarian nights at local villages, attend folklore nights at the
10 Sep 2019
Take a peek at Europe's Most Amazing Waterpark...
 At the top of any parent's list when choosing a family holiday destination has surely got to be the entertainment for the kids. Will there be enough for them to do? Is there anything special and unique that the kids would love? Well when it comes to holidays in Golden Sands, these questions are always answered with a confident 'yes'! Although holidays to Golden Sands provide plenty of fun and entertainment for the family as it is, the resort has one extra trick up its sleeve to ensure your family has a holiday to remember. Situated in a beautiful forest on the northwest side of the resort, lies the exquisite Aquapolis water
05 Apr 2019
Introducing the Grand Hotel Melia Kids Club, Golden Sands
Over the last few years the 5* Melia Grand Hermitage has become a great choice of hotel for family holidays. The hotel's fantastic children's program starts by welcoming the kids with two unique Kids Clubs. The first is the Outdoor Kids Club, located in the serene park of the hotel with a wonderful playground. The second is the Indoor Kids Club, brand new and well furnished, decorated with some of the children's favourite characters including Winnie the Pooh, Batman & Spiderman. Next to the outdoor pool there is a newly decorated and colourful children's pool. In order to make the children's stay even more
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