Glorious Golden Sands…
Glorious Golden Sands…
19 Jan 2024

Let’s talk Glorious Golden Sands!
A fabulous beach resort in the north of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast.

Golden Sands is a wonderful beach resort located 25kms from Varna on the beautiful Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Varna is Bulgaria’s ‘second’ city and Golden Sands is actually the second largest beach resort in Bulgaria, after Sunny Beach. As you would expect it has a long sandy beach, but hey, all beach resorts in Bulgaria have a long sandy beach! But what people like about Golden Sands is the nice relaxed atmosphere. You can wander along the promenade that stretches from one end of the beach to the other, taking you past all the wonderful hotels and beach side restaurants and amusements, the most popular time to do this is in the early evening around sunset.

There are lots of ways to enjoy your holiday in Golden Sands. You can stay in and around your hotel, which is always very popular as the hotels are really good and have nice swimming pools (more about those later). Alternatively you can spend the day on the fabulous sandy beach, it’s nice and wide so there’s plenty of space and when you need to cool off you can take a dip in the cooling waters of the Black Sea. All this sunbathing and swimming works up quite an appetite, and a thirst, so for lunch there are lots of great value restaurants either on the beach or on the promenade that will give you an hour or so out of the sun to cool off. You can buy a freshly cooked pizza and a drink for under £10 each, great value for money. To mix things up a bit how about one of our various excursions? There’s a trip to Varna (with shopping!), Cape Kaliakra (a local beauty spot with breath taking views) or even a jeep safari! These are just a few of our excursions, our reps will be pleased to give you the full list and arrange any excursions for you.

There is also a choice of things to do when the sun goes down. There are plenty of restaurants dotted all around the resort, they serve all sorts of international cuisine including local dishes, which are well worth trying. As we said earlier, many people like to enjoy dinner, either in their hotel or a local restaurant, and then take a stroll along the promenade in the cool of the evening before a night cap back at the hotel, or a nearby bar…with some karaoke! If you like to visit a nightclub then there are several in Golden Sands offering music through to the early hours.

So what about hotels in Golden Sands? It is important to point out that Golden Sands is a hilly resort, so the hotels are on what’s called ‘lines’. The ‘first line’ are the hotels on the beach so staying in one of these you don’t really need to walk too much. Then there’s the ‘second line’ and ‘third line’ which do require walking uphill, so if you have walking difficulties it is definitely best to book a hotel on the beach, or ‘first line’. However, you can catch the mini trains that chug around the resort or a taxi which are good value.

There is quite a choice of hotels in the resort. There’s the glorious Melia Hotel Grand Hermitage on the front line, this is a magnificent 5 Star all-inclusive hotel with a host of facilities including a full spa, you can also upgrade to the ‘Level Programme’ which offers a personalised service and additional privileges that take you to a higher ‘level’ of experience. Another hotel on the front line is the Hotel Marina Grand Beach, a fine 4 Star all-inclusive hotel with sea views. We also feature other 4 Star Hotels offering various board types. We also offer 3 Star hotels, one in particular, Hotel Bonita, is on the front line, it’s almost on the beach and it offers spectacular views across the bay.

So, there you have it, our review of Golden Sands, we hope this has been of help to you. Being the specialist tour operator to Bulgaria we offer a wide choice of holidays to Golden Sands, so please do visit our website for the latest availability and prices. Plus right now (January 2024) we have a Spectacular Summer Sale with savings of up to £250 (terms and conditions apply). You can book on our website, or you can call us on 020 7543 5555, we look forward to hearing from you.

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