11 Jul 2024
Nessebar – The Perfect Choice
The enchanting town of Nessebar is a perfect choice for a holiday this summer. It has everything you could want from a holiday; wonderful weather, glorious beaches, a historic old town, quality hotels and there’s plenty to do when the sun goes down too. There is lots written about this beautiful town overlooking the Black Sea, mostly by us! We would like to tell you why Nessebar is such a great choice for a holiday and how it has something for most holidaymakers, here goes…. Wonderful Weather and Beaches As Nessebar is in Bulgaria, a country which borders Greece and Turkey, the weather here is fabulous! The mercury hovers around
15 Jun 2024
Bulgaria on a Budget
We all like a bargain don’t we? And this definitely applies to booking a holiday, after all it is one of the major purchases we make each year. As we have been offering great value holidays for 58 years we like to think we know something about the subject and so we’d like to give you some tips about holidaying on a bargain, so here they are…   When to go There are times during the summer when prices are lower, like June or September. Demand in these months is lower than other times and there’s not so many people in the resorts so if you can, book your holiday for travel in these months, you’ll find the price you pay will
01 May 2024
Our Tips for the Best Things to do in Nessebar
We’ve written numerous blogs about Nessebar, and why not, it is most definitely the jewel in Bulgaria’s Black Sea crown. It is a city with a history dating back thousands of years so there’s plenty to see. It’s not all history though as there’s plenty of modern attractions too, so read on for our tips of the best things to see and do in Nessebar… Wonder through the old town. If you do one thing on this list, please make sure it’s this one! Nessebar is a UNESCO Heritage Site for a very good reason. This is because it has thousands of years of history that can be witnessed as you wander through the cobbled streets. While
16 Feb 2024
Wet & Wild Fun in Bulgaria
Our Guide to Aqua Parks & Hotels with Waterslides in Bulgaria… Bulgaria enjoys such glorious sunny weather a day of fun at an aqua park is a must! Well, we are pleased to say that Bulgaria has plenty of Aqua Parks to choose from. There’s one in Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Albena and many hotels have their own aqua park or waterslides. Here is our guide to aqua parks in Bulgaria... (Aqua Parks) Sunny Beach - Action Aqua Park Action Aqua Park is attached to Hotel Aqua Nevis and anyone can use it. It’s a great day out as it has all types of slides. For thrill seekers there’s the Kamikaze, turbulence or the twister, perhaps go
01 Feb 2024
Luxury Holidays in Bulgaria
As the true specialist tour operator to Bulgaria, we are the first to say that whatever your budget we have a holiday for you. With that in mind let’s have a look at the luxury end of things in Bulgaria and ask the question, what luxury holidays does Bulgaria offer? Well, we sent a crack team to check out a selection of luxury hotels along the Black Sea coast…(it’s a difficult job, but hey, someone has to do it!). This is what they came back with… First, let’s define luxury. Of course one person’s idea of luxury isn’t the same as someone else’s, but generally we would say a luxury hotel would be an high grade 4 Star or
26 Jan 2024
Get a Taste of Bulgarian Food
We know that All Inclusive Hotels are very popular these days but there is still something special about a day spent on the beach and then going back to your hotel for a shower and then hitting the town for a lovely dinner as the sun sets. This is what helps make holidays special… So, if you are Booking Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast then this blog is for you! There’s a wide choice of restaurants in the resorts we offer. Big restaurants on the beach, restaurants on the main street, small restaurants tucked away in a side street …all of them serving food from all over the world. So, which one do you choose? Well, it’s said
11 Jan 2024
There’s Lots to Do on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast…
We all look for something different from our holidays, some of us like to relax by the pool or on the beach, some like to explore the local area, or perhaps a bit of both. Whatever you like to do Bulgaria can accommodate you, that’s the beauty of this wonderful country. Your accommodation is also very important and this is where Bulgaria scores highly as there is such a wide choice, more of that later!The largest resort in Bulgaria is Sunny Beach. It is a big resort with so much to do, so how about starting the day with a trip to the beautiful sandy beach? Here you can hire a parasol and a sun lounger or you can find a space where you
23 May 2023
11 Things to Do in Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach is Bulgaria’s most popular beach resort, with its wonderful weather and sandy beach it’s easy to see why. There’s so much to do while you’re on holiday in Sunny Beach, here are some suggestions…    1. A Day at the Beach – It’s named Sunny Beach for a good reason! The beautiful sandy beach stretches for 5kms around the bay, from St Vlas to Nessebar and perfect for chilling out or enjoying the water sports on offer.    2. Visit an Aqua Park – There are two excellent Aqua Parks in and around Sunny Beach. There’s Action Aqua Park which is
14 Apr 2023
Seven Romantic Things to do in Bulgaria
Bulgaria offers so much for a wonderful holiday, including a romantic getaway! Here are some suggestions for two love birds to do on holiday who only have eyes only for each other…     Nessebar Old Town  Take a stroll through the cobbled streets of this historic and beautiful town. Then enjoy a romantic dinner for two in a restaurant overlooking the sea – Romance Rating 5/5    Water Taxi from Nessebar to Sunny Beach  After your romantic meal for two a taxi back to your hotel is nowhere near romantic enough! It has to be the Nessebar Water Taxi that glides across the bay to
20 Oct 2022
History and Adventure in Nessebar
Nessebar is one of those destinations that feels like the complete package. Luxurious hotels and villas are complimented by a vibrant local life and fascinating Old Town. And we haven't even started on the the resort's coastline, which is among the best and most charismatic in Bulgaria. If there's one thing Nessebar is known for, however, it's history. The town contains a great many links to the past and it's well worth exploring these during your time here. Take a look at our some of our favourites below. The Church of Saint Sofia Located in Old Mitropolia, this place of worship was once the centre of an ancient
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