Bulgaria on a Budget
Bulgaria on a Budget
15 Jun 2024

We all like a bargain don’t we? And this definitely applies to booking a holiday, after all it is one of the major purchases we make each year. As we have been offering great value holidays for 58 years we like to think we know something about the subject and so we’d like to give you some tips about holidaying on a bargain, so here they are…


When to go

There are times during the summer when prices are lower, like June or September. Demand in these months is lower than other times and there’s not so many people in the resorts so if you can, book your holiday for travel in these months, you’ll find the price you pay will be lower, and so great value for money.


What type of accommodation shall I book?

The lowest prices are for room only or self-catering apartments. When you book room only yes the price is low, but you don’t have any facilities for preparing food so you have to eat out, this will increase the amount of money you spend so although at first it seems great value, do remember this. Self-catering apartments have a small kitchen area with basic facilities so you can buy food in the local market or supermarket and then cook your own food. You can buy cereals and bread or croissants for breakfast, add some cheese and ham for sandwiches for lunch and you’re really saving the pounds, or Levs! And remember to ‘Pack Snacks’! Along with sandwich’s bring snacks and drinks with you for days out, these reduce the need to buy expensive refreshments on the go. This is definitely holidaying on a budget! (is ‘holidaying’ a word?!).   


However, it is your holiday so if you can, do venture out a few evenings to enjoy dinner in a local restaurant. Choosing a restaurant can make a big difference too. Restaurants on the beach do have beautiful views when enjoying your meal, but they will generally be more expensive. Go back a few streets and you should find a nice restaurant serving delicious local food, or perhaps grilled chicken or a pizza. In these restaurants you’ll enjoy a three course meal for about £15 per person, great value indeed.


We also offer some great value all-inclusive holidays so do your sums, compare the price of an all-inclusive holiday with the price of self-catering. To get the best value you’ll have to use the cheaper 3 star hotels, but we think with our late deals there won’t be much in it!


Getting about

If you are staying in a resort like Sunny Beach there’s all sorts of way to get about. The cheapest is walking! You can also catch the mini trains that chug around picking people up as they go, these are cheap, usually about 2 levs. There is also a good local bus service and it’s quite easy to catch a bus to places such as Nessebar. All these forms of transport offer a low cost way of getting around, much cheaper than getting taxis.


Free Activities

Yes you can go to an aquapark for the day, and yes the parks in Bulgaria are good value, but they still cost more money than a day on the beach! That costs nothing, take a towel to lie on and you’re sorted!


You can also visit a local town to sample real life in Bulgaria. Visit on market day, these the best days to go as you can buy all sorts of things here, food, clothes and souvenirs. There are also parks to visit in these towns or cities. Bourgas, which is near Sunny Beach, has a beautiful park called ‘The Sea Gardens’, again, you can visit here for free!


BYOB (Bring Your Own Beach Gear)

Bring your own beach gear like towels, umbrellas, and snorkeling equipment rather than renting, saving money on rental fees.


Shop Smart

If you plan to buy souvenirs or gifts, avoid touristy areas where prices may be inflated. Instead, opt for local markets or shops away from the main tourist areas.


Take Advantage of Discounts

Look for discount coupons or special offers for local attractions, restaurants, and activities in the major resorts, towns and cities.


Plan Ahead

It’s a really good idea to do a bit of research and plan your days in advance to avoid impulse spending on unnecessary activities or souvenirs.


So there you have it, Balkan Holidays guide to holidaying on a budget! Whatever you choose to do or however you do it, we hope you have a great time and a wonderful holiday full of happy memories.

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