14 May 2021
Summer Holidays To Obzor, Bulgaria
Summer Holidays to Obzor, Bulgaria Obzor, in the Varna Region, is a cosy little town at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located a just over 20km north of Sunny Beach, in the foot of the eastern part the mountain range of Stara Planina and between the rivers of Kamchiya and Dvoynitsa, the natural borders of a nature reserve. Obzor has one of the longest beaches on the Bulgaria Black Sea coast - about 8km of fine, golden colored sand. Here you can enjoy walks, waterslides and pedalo boats and with calm, relatively shallow and warm waters the sea is perfect for swimming. Obzor has a long history - once a Thracian settlement, it
22 May 2017
Destination Tip Part One: Bulgarian Riviera – North
Find out about some of the best and most popular Bulgarian summer holiday resorts in our two part blog special featuring the stunning beach resorts of both the north and south of this fantastic country. Put your feet up and relax as we kick start part one of the northern resorts with the most popular and well known resort of Golden Sands... 1. GOLDEN SANDS Escape to a summer holiday by the sea with glorious scenery and wooded hillsides sweeping down to meet one of the world's most beautiful beaches and blue sparkling sea. There is plenty to do by day and by night but if you want to take it easy, the friendly, relaxing atmosphere is
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