13 Jan 2022
This week we thought we’d look north, not to the wonderful north of England and Scotland, although those are beautiful parts of the world, but the northern part of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast!  There are two big cities on Bulgaria’s coastline, there is Bourgas towards the south, where there are various beach resorts including Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Sozopol. Further north is Varna, which is Bulgaria’s second biggest city. Close to Varna are the beach resorts of Golden Sands, Albena and St Konstantin. It’s fair to say that most British holidaymakers head for Bourgas, staying in Sunny Beach, Nessebar and
17 Dec 2021
A Closer Look at Nessebar Sunny Beach is the most popular resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, however so many people say ‘You must visit Nessebar’ – so we did, and this is what we found.. Nessebar is just round the bay from Sunny Beach, if you stand on the middle of the beach and look across there is Nessebar in all its splendour. To reach there you can catch a boat,  bus or taxi, alternatively you can walk along the beach as it curves round into Nessebar itself.  Often referred to as ‘The Pearl of the Black Sea’ it has a rich history stretching back over three thousand years. This
26 Nov 2021
Sunny Beach is the most popular resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast and among the most popular hotels with Balkan Holidays customers are hotels Globus, Fenix and Pomorie, they are good hotels in great locations plus they are exceptional value for money, the perfect combination. Then there’s hotels such as the Melia Sunny Beach and the Laguna Park, both high quality four star all-inclusive hotels, the type of hotels so popular with holidaymakers these days.  However, there are plenty of other hotels to choose from, what is right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another person but there are plenty of
12 Nov 2021
A lot of people have pre conceptions of Sunny Beach, many people think it’s a party resort and not for them, but when you look a bit further into the resort you find a different side of Sunny Beach, quite a few sides actually.  There is indeed a party scene in Sunny Beach. Flower Street, in the centre of the resort does have bars and clubs where you’ll find the partygoers and it’s great fun. However, when you walk just one street away it’s so much quieter and then you have the rest of this glorious and varied resort to discover and enjoy.  Sunny Beach is a large resort and the vast majority of it is
25 Oct 2021
The Town of Pomorie, a cheap resort in good location Pomorie, a town with a population of 15 thousand, is halfway between Bourgas and Nessebar / Sunny Beach, about 20 km away from each. It was probably founded in the 5th or 4th century BC, as part of ancient Apollonia, today’s Sozopol. Apart from the waterfront by the Black Sea, Pomorie has its own lake as well: the saltwater Lake Pomorie is protected, it is the habitat of 215 bird species, and because of its healing power it was called the Holy Lake in ancient times. Many people still visit Pomorie today to get the healing mud treatment, using the mud from the lake in all
16 Jul 2021
4 Amazing Things To Do In Sunny Beach Big, beautiful and buzzing – Sunny Beach curves around Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast for eight blissful kilometres. With a huge range of water sports, restaurants, nightclubs and excursions, you never run out of things to do in Sunny Beach. Sunny Beach is consistently one of the best value holiday destination in the world in Post Office Holiday Costs Report Hit the beach Sunny Beach’s sheltered Blue Flag sands are the star of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast – and the biggest. Families love the soft golden sands, where you can join volleyball games or go horse-riding on
11 Jun 2021
Golden Sands - A Truly Beautiful Beach & Exceptional Hotels Situated only 18km from Bulgaria's third largest city, Varna, Golden Sands offers visitors a unique holiday experience with a number of first class hotels and one of the very best beaches around. The resort name of Golden Sands was born from an old legend where Pirates dug for vast quantities of gold along the seaside, north of Varna infuriating mother nature. The land then took revenge on the bandits by transforming their gold into wonderful soft sand. Golden Sands, Bulgaria has developed over the years into a famous international resort and the largest on the
04 Jun 2021
Top 5 Things to See & Do in Sunny Beach Aquaparks, Balkan Holidays, Bulgaria, Cruise, excursions, History, Nessebar, summer holidays, Sunny Beach Your ideal holiday to Sunny Beach may simply be a perfect combination of sunbathing on the soft, golden 8km stretch of beach and swimming in the clean, warm water of the Black Sea however if you are looking for something different to get more out of your Sunny Beach holiday experience than look no further as we have put together a list of the top 5 things to see and do when in Sunny Beach. 1. Day Trip to Nessebar Neighbouring Sunny Beach, the resort of Nessebar offers a completely
28 May 2021
Total relaxation in Duni, Bulgaria Book your summer holiday to Duni, the purpose built seaside resort ideally situated in a secluded and picturesque location on one of the longest beaches in Bulgaria. The holiday city was built as a Bulgarian-Austrian project and was completed in 1987. The resort is surrounded by plenty of cultivated green areas, and has 4 and 5 star accommodation with some 2000 beds in total in beautiful white villas. The resort has a weatlh of facilities onsite inculding entertainment, sports, selection of restaurants and its own private beach area. We are offering a choice of three high quality hotels in Duni.
14 May 2021
Summer Holidays to Obzor, Bulgaria Obzor, in the Varna Region, is a cosy little town at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located a just over 20km north of Sunny Beach, in the foot of the eastern part the mountain range of Stara Planina and between the rivers of Kamchiya and Dvoynitsa, the natural borders of a nature reserve. Obzor has one of the longest beaches on the Bulgaria Black Sea coast - about 8km of fine, golden colored sand. Here you can enjoy walks, waterslides and pedalo boats and with calm, relatively shallow and warm waters the sea is perfect for swimming. Obzor has a long history - once a Thracian settlement, it
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