09 Nov 2022
The older you are the more experienced you get. Balkan Holidays has 57 years of experience in operating the best summer holidays to Bulgaria, and has a range of holidays, Spice of Life for the mature traveller, over the age of 50. These holidays offer extra activities to help make your time away more special and memorable. Time of Your Life packages contain free extras, such as sightseeing and walking tours, use of jacuzzi, folk shows, Bulgarian cuisine evenings and farewell parties. These extras differ by hotel, so check our Time of Your Life website for more details. Time of Your Life packages are available in Golden
28 Oct 2022
Welcome to the Spookiest Building in Bulgaria...
The House of the Bulgarian Communist Party is the largest monument in Bulgaria and is without doubt one of the most bizarre abandoned buildings in the world. This huge concrete saucer is just one of many forgotten communist monuments scattered across Bulgaria and is located on the Buzludzha peak of the Central Balkan Mountains. Erected for the 90th anniversary of the Buzludzha congress, where the Bulgarian Social-Democratic Workers' Party, the predecessor of the Bulgarian Communist Party, was founded, it took military construction units almost seven years to complete the monument. Altogether more than 6000 workers and experts took
20 Oct 2022
History and Adventure in Nessebar
Nessebar is one of those destinations that feels like the complete package. Luxurious hotels and villas are complimented by a vibrant local life and fascinating Old Town. And we haven't even started on the the resort's coastline, which is among the best and most charismatic in Bulgaria. If there's one thing Nessebar is known for, however, it's history. The town contains a great many links to the past and it's well worth exploring these during your time here. Take a look at our some of our favourites below. The Church of Saint Sofia Located in Old Mitropolia, this place of worship was once the centre of an ancient
13 Oct 2022
Discover 6 Hidden Secrets of Bulgaria
Besides the many well known places to visit in Bulgaria such as the Rila Monastery, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia and of course the Black Sea Coast resorts, this diverse and interesting country is also home to numerous hidden gems, less known to the many annual tourists, but just as worth seeing as the main attractions. Join us now as we take you through 6 of these magical attractions we think you should experience on your next holiday to Bulgaria... 1. Belogradchik Rocks The stunning Belogradchik Rocks are a group of oddly shaped sandstone and conglomerate rock formations found on the western slopes of the Balkan Mountains
21 Sep 2022
The Best of Croatia Revealed
As a destination, Croatia lays out a feast of unrivaled beauty and a rich history suppressing the appetite for a unique and memorable holiday of anyone who arrives at its door. The crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea stretching from Istria in the north to the Dubrovnik Riviera in the south, give Croatia one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The modern and vibrant cities of Zagreb, Split and Rijeka reveal architectural marvels during the day and come alive at night with visitors and locals partying the night away together under the bright city lights. With an ever growing reputation, you may ask what exactly makes
15 Sep 2022
Summer Holidays in Lumbarda, Croatia
The small resort town of Lumbarda, with 1200 inhabitants, lies in a shallow bay on the island of Korcula, 7 km from the town of Korcula. It has its own marina, some Roman ruins, a medieval church and a few villas. Its sandy beaches have made Lumbarda a popular summer destination, especially for those traveling with children. The main attraction of the island is the grk (greek) wine produced here. The uniqueness of this wine comes from the fact that the Eastern part of the island is actually a yellowish-redish sand bank. Add an enormous amount of sunny hours, and you get the special essence of grk wine. The wine produced from these grapes
12 Sep 2022
Summer Holidays to Cavtat, Croatia
Cavtat is a small, idyllic seaside resort town 15km south of Dubrovnik, one of the southernmost ones in Croatia, with a population of just 2000. This town in Southern Dalmatia has a vary old and rich history, it was founded as Epidaurus in the 6th century B.C. by the Greeks. It became a part of the Roman Empire in 228 B.C., when its name was changed to Epidaurum. Later it got occupied by Byzantine, Ancient Avar and Slavic conquerors, then it was demolished in the 6-7th century A.D. The town got rebuilt in the medieval ages. Its current name comes from the Latin term “Civitas Vetus”, or Old City. It has become a popular tourist
23 Aug 2022
Find your perfect holiday on the Island of Brac
Brac, also called the island of grapes and olives, with a population of 13,000, is the largest island of Dalmatia. It is also the location of the highest peak of all Adriatic islands: Vidova Gora at 774m above sea level, provides a spectacular view from the top, where all other islands are visible in clear weather. Brac is famous for its marble, the building material of the White House in Washington, DC. The numerous towns of the island give you varied experiences, such as quiet relaxing holidays, night parties, historical or ancient monuments and cultural entertainments. Supetar, the town with the highest population of the island
26 Jul 2022
History and Landmarks of Sozopol Town
Balkan Holidays have fantastic offers for you to spend your summer holiday in Sozopol,  Bulgaria. The history of Sozopol dates back to as far as the ancient Greek times when settlers arrived here with the intention of founding a polis (city-state) on the site, in around 600 BC. According to ancient Greek mythology, the name of the polis was Apollonia, named after Apollon, the God of Music and Poetry.   During the course of history, the city which is now Sozopol was destroyed in multiple occasions: first by the Romans in 72 BC, then in 1453 by Turkish hordes, the latter focusing on destroying all the medieval
12 May 2022
Summer Holidays to Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, probably the most beautiful city in Croatia, and one of the most beautiful summer holiday resorts of the world, is situated in Dalmatia, the southernmost corner of Croatia. Its old town has been a Unesco World Heritage site since 1994. Visitors are amazed by its beautiful houses and crystal clear, deep blue sea. Dubrovnik is often called the Pearl of the Adriatic, it is the center of Croatian literature, and the birthplace of a number of writers. As George Bernard Shaw once said: “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and see Dubrovnik”. This paradise on Earth has been subject to infernal
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