Summer Holidays to Cavtat, Croatia
12 Sep 2022
Summer Holidays to Cavtat, Croatia

Cavtat is a small, idyllic seaside resort town 15km south of Dubrovnik, one of the southernmost ones in Croatia, with a population of just 2000. This town in Southern Dalmatia has a vary old and rich history, it was founded as Epidaurus in the 6th century B.C. by the Greeks. It became a part of the Roman Empire in 228 B.C., when its name was changed to Epidaurum. Later it got occupied by Byzantine, Ancient Avar and Slavic conquerors, then it was demolished in the 6-7th century A.D. The town got rebuilt in the medieval ages. Its current name comes from the Latin term “Civitas Vetus”, or Old City.

It has become a popular tourist destination by today, offering a range of accommodation options in hotels and private apartments. Its beautiful, 7km long promenade is surrounded by pine forests, and lined up by restaurants and boutiques. Its lush environment and Mediterranean setting with white stone houses and pine trees have inspired a number of fine artists. You can discover quite a few ancient buildings and renaissance palaces in the old town, where old and new are mixed with unique taste. The sea is crystal clear, the beach is covered by either rocks, pebbles and sand around the town. From Cavtat you can take a cruise to Dubrovnik and daytrips to nearby Montenegro.

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