16 Feb 2024
Wet & Wild Fun in Bulgaria
Our Guide to Aqua Parks & Hotels with Waterslides in Bulgaria… Bulgaria enjoys such glorious sunny weather a day of fun at an aqua park is a must! Well, we are pleased to say that Bulgaria has plenty of Aqua Parks to choose from. There’s one in Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Albena and many hotels have their own aqua park or waterslides. Here is our guide to aqua parks in Bulgaria... (Aqua Parks) Sunny Beach - Action Aqua Park Action Aqua Park is attached to Hotel Aqua Nevis and anyone can use it. It’s a great day out as it has all types of slides. For thrill seekers there’s the Kamikaze, turbulence or the twister, perhaps go
01 Feb 2024
Luxury Holidays in Bulgaria
As the true specialist tour operator to Bulgaria, we are the first to say that whatever your budget we have a holiday for you. With that in mind let’s have a look at the luxury end of things in Bulgaria and ask the question, what luxury holidays does Bulgaria offer? Well, we sent a crack team to check out a selection of luxury hotels along the Black Sea coast…(it’s a difficult job, but hey, someone has to do it!). This is what they came back with… First, let’s define luxury. Of course one person’s idea of luxury isn’t the same as someone else’s, but generally we would say a luxury hotel would be an high grade 4 Star or
26 Jan 2024
Get a Taste of Bulgarian Food
We know that All Inclusive Hotels are very popular these days but there is still something special about a day spent on the beach and then going back to your hotel for a shower and then hitting the town for a lovely dinner as the sun sets. This is what helps make holidays special… So, if you are Booking Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast then this blog is for you! There’s a wide choice of restaurants in the resorts we offer. Big restaurants on the beach, restaurants on the main street, small restaurants tucked away in a side street …all of them serving food from all over the world. So, which one do you choose? Well, it’s said
28 Apr 2023
The Castle Of Ravadinovo
When you’ve had a few days on the beach and you fancy a change of scene then a day out at the Castle of Ravadinovo, the castle ‘In love with the wind’, certainly fits the bill!  Located in the town of Ravadinovo, this castle is not what you would expect. It is the brainchild of a Bulgaria architect and its construction was started not in the first millennia, but 1996! It is a true fairy tale castle, similar to one you would see in a Disney film, but nevertheless it is a very impressive building. Built from stone carved from the nearby mountains, the walls are covered by dense Ivy giving the castle a feeling that is
01 Feb 2022
Duni Royal Resort - Pleasantly Luxurious, Surprisingly Affordable
At the beginning of the 1980's the Bulgarian Government decided to build a holiday village that would be of a first class standard and become a destination the world would want to visit. This dream was realised when in 1986, after years of teamwork between historians and architects, the Duni Royal Resort was built. The plan was prepared by Bulgarian architects and was carried out by the Austrian building company "Rogner". Sprinkled with the charm of a Bulgarian village and it's picturesque location in the bay of Duni, on a nature preserved area, the Duni Royal Resort was designed to resemble the Bulgarian style of past
28 May 2021
Total Relaxation In Duni, Bulgaria
Total relaxation in Duni, Bulgaria Book your summer holiday to Duni, the purpose built seaside resort ideally situated in a secluded and picturesque location on one of the longest beaches in Bulgaria. The holiday city was built as a Bulgarian-Austrian project and was completed in 1987. The resort is surrounded by plenty of cultivated green areas, and has 4 and 5 star accommodation with some 2000 beds in total in beautiful white villas. The resort has a weatlh of facilities onsite inculding entertainment, sports, selection of restaurants and its own private beach area. We are offering a choice of three high quality hotels in Duni.
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