Get a Taste of Bulgarian Food
Get a Taste of Bulgarian Food
26 Jan 2024

We know that All Inclusive Hotels are very popular these days but there is still something special about a day spent on the beach and then going back to your hotel for a shower and then hitting the town for a lovely dinner as the sun sets. This is what helps make holidays special…

So, if you are Booking Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast then this blog is for you! There’s a wide choice of restaurants in the resorts we offer. Big restaurants on the beach, restaurants on the main street, small restaurants tucked away in a side street …all of them serving food from all over the world. So, which one do you choose?

Well, it’s said that variety is the spice of life (excuse the pun!) so why not take the opportunity to try something different, how about trying some Bulgarian food? It really is delicious, full of flavour and is certainly very hearty!

Here are a few of our favourite dishes…

Shopska Salad – A delicious salad often eaten as a starter. It has cucumber, red peppers and feta cheese so the colours resemble the Bulgaria flag.

Tarator – Cold soup! It tastes a lot better than its name! It’s actually a very refreshing yoghurt based drink and perfect as a starter.

Banitsa – Pastry filled with white cheese, yoghurt and eggs. Delicious at any time of the day.

Meshana Skara – Mixed grill. This dish consists of steak and pork and is usually eaten with fries/chips and a bean salad.

Moussaka – This dish is popular all over the world and it found its way to Bulgaria as a result of 500 years of Ottoman rule.

Kebapche – Kebab, in Bulgaria this is minced meat with spices and shaped like a flat hot dog! Served with fries and salad…and a cold beer!

Chicken Kavarma – A particular favourite of the blog writer! This is like a chicken casserole, chicken, vegetables and spices cooking in its own juice, delicious!

Should you discover a nice friendly family run restaurant you can eat any of these dishes, and many more, for about around £20 for two – Wonderful food and great value for money too. Do try the local beer and wine too, especially red wine, it really is very good.

So there you have it, our guide to Bulgarian cuisine! It really is wonderful and you’ll get a true taste of Bulgaria, Bon Appetit!

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