Summer Holidays in Lumbarda, Croatia
Summer Holidays in Lumbarda, Croatia
15 Sep 2022

The small resort town of Lumbarda, with 1200 inhabitants, lies in a shallow bay on the island of Korcula, 7 km from the town of Korcula. It has its own marina, some Roman ruins, a medieval church and a few villas. Its sandy beaches have made Lumbarda a popular summer destination, especially for those traveling with children.

The main attraction of the island is the grk (greek) wine produced here. The uniqueness of this wine comes from the fact that the Eastern part of the island is actually a yellowish-redish sand bank. Add an enormous amount of sunny hours, and you get the special essence of grk wine. The wine produced from these grapes is a dry, bold wine with golden colour. The area is called the fields of Lumbara by locals, and it is to the East of the village.

Lumbarda has a marina, accommodating 90 boats of 5 to 35 m length. Because of the shallow water, bigger boats can use the port of nearby Bufalo Bay, where the sea is 14 m deep, and the island of Vrnik provides a good shelter from strong winds.

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