11 Things to Do in Sunny Beach
11 Things to Do in Sunny Beach
23 May 2023

Sunny Beach is Bulgaria’s most popular beach resort, with its wonderful weather and sandy beach it’s easy to see why. There’s so much to do while you’re on holiday in Sunny Beach, here are some suggestions… 


1. A Day at the Beach – It’s named Sunny Beach for a good reason! The beautiful sandy beach stretches for 5kms around the bay, from St Vlas to Nessebar and perfect for chilling out or enjoying the water sports on offer. 


2. Visit an Aqua Park – There are two excellent Aqua Parks in and around Sunny Beach. There’s Action Aqua Park which is attached to Aqua Nevis Hotel or there’s another on the road to Nessebar called Aqua Paradise – Both are excellent parks, popular with Balkan Holidays guests and of course, great value for money. For more information see our blog about aqua parks.


3. Dine out - With so many places to eat and with a great price tag too, Sunny Beach is a perfect place to test those taste buds! There are lots of restaurants dotted around Sunny Beach including many along the promenade that runs alongside the beach. We like the numerous Bulgarian restaurants offering delicious local cuisine. We recommend shopska salad, banitsa, Meshana Skara (mixed grill), Bulgarian Moussaka or Chicken Kavarma. 


4. Dinner with Entertainment – A night at Khans Tent is a must when visiting Sunny Beach or any resort near it, it’s that good! The evening starts with a delicious three course meal and wine, then a band warms the audience up before the cabaret show starts. The acts are a very high standard, there are dancers, trapeze artists, mime artists and even contortionists! The evening ends with everyone dancing in the middle of the restaurant to the band playing all the popular hits! 


5. Shopping - Did we mention Sunny Beach wins the best value for money resort year after year making it the perfect location to pick up a bargain, from trinkets to sports wear to handbags, there are bargains galore!


6. Take a water taxi to Nessebar - Like to explore whilst on holiday? Then why not try a boat journey across the bay to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nessebar with its cobbled streets, ancient history and you can finish your visit with a drink in an Eco bar with turtles! 


7. Visit St Vlas - Why not visit the neighbouring resort of St Vlas during your stay, here you’ll find one of the largest ports in Bulgaria, you can sit by the Marina, sip on a cocktail at one of the upmarket bars and watch the world or yachts go by!


8. Walk along the promenadeSunny Beach’s promenade stretches along the beautiful beach, take a wander and take in the sights, stop at one of the many bars for a drink, or meander along and enjoy the sunshine. Many people also walk along the promenade in the evening as the sun is setting. 


9. Excursions - Many days out can be booked by your Balkan Holidays rep including water parks, visits to the Bulgarian mountains or even a trip to Sozopol, check out our summer excursions page for more info.


10. VIP Catamaran Cruise - The Catamaran Cruise provides holidaymakers with an exceptional experience right from the very start as you are taken to the Catamaran by a famous old style London Route-master double decker bus. Departing from Nessebar the cruise takes you along the Sunny Beach bay past the picturesque resort of Elenite as you sail in luxury towards Cape Emine. Upon arrival in Cape Emine the Catamaran stops and lowers its ladder to allow you time to swim, sunbath and snorkel in the warm Black Sea water. After your swim, tuck into the delicious buffet lunch on board the Catamaran before heading back to Nessebar. The cruise takes several hours and is usually operated in the afternoon however if you were looking for a more romantic cruise or a cruise with incredible photo opportunities there is also a sunset cruise available.


11. Hire a bike – Are you into your fitness even whilst on holiday? Why not hire a bike in resort, with the promenade nice and flat you have the opportunity to bike to both Nessebar and St Vlas or go further afield if you wish!


There you have it, 11 things to do while in Sunny Beach, we hope you enjoy doing at least a few of our suggestions!

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