Varna - The Sea Capital of Bulgaria
Varna - The Sea Capital of Bulgaria
16 Mar 2022

The city of Varna is known as the sea capital of Bulgaria and it is this unofficial title that hints at the reasons that make it a great place to explore while on holiday in the country.

Located in the north east of the nation on the shores of the Black Sea, Varna has all the charm associated with a coastal destination, as well as the historical and cultural attributes of Bulgaria's third largest city.

This means it ticks all the boxes for a family holiday where everyone wants to see and do something different.

Since a town was established on the site in the sixth century, it has acted as a sea port and over the years been in the hands of a number of different empires, including that of Alexander the Great and the Romans. Fascinating monuments from the history of Varna can be found in the Archaeological Museum, including items from the chalcolythic necropolis, which is the oldest golden treasure ever found.

There is no doubt that the city can trace its fortunes to the fact it sits in such a commercially important position. While the sea has played a vital role in Varna's past, it continues to be a focus for those visiting the city to this day. So significant is the coastal influence that the largest park in the town is called the Sea Garden and just below here, the beach and central sea baths can be found.

Built at the beginning of the 20th century to allow those travelling for their health to bath in the waters, this area also includes two quays and a number of restaurants with views of the sea.

Sit and enjoy a meal of freshly caught seafood or opt for something a little more energetic. Surfing, diving, jet skiing and boat trips are all popular activities that holidaymakers like to take advantage of from Varna.

For a unique blend of seaside and city life, book your summer holiday to the northern Black Sea coast now.

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