Why Hvar is the place to be this Summer
Why Hvar is the place to be this Summer
08 Dec 2020

 A visit to Hvar this summer will allow you to explore Croatia's best beach life, natural scenery, nightlife and more.

Swathes of pebbly beach edging gently into the sea. Intimate bays with old-fashioned fishing boats bobbing beautifully in the water. Stunning Gothic palaces that dominate picturesque town squares and traffic-free streets. These are just three of the reasons why the Croatian island and its eponymous town are the place to be this summer.

Charming, charismatic and ever beautiful, Hvar is one of those rare destinations that caters for anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter what you're into, you'll be able to find it here. A beautiful climate coupled with stunning beaches and rough and ready coastline satisfies the needs of sun worshippers and tan builders, while azure waters will appease the appetites of those wanting to explore the depths and enjoy a splash around with friends or family.

But there is history here, too, and you can explore every inch of Hvar Town's unique architecture, which has been impacted upon by the years it spent as the Greek colony of Pharos. Great coastal walking routes make for an excellent experience for those with itchy feet.

With all this to explore, you'll find yourself frequently at a loss for words during the daytime hours as you wander from one attraction to the next. Contrast is key here - one moment, you might find yourself in a deserted plaza, the next, a busy and bustling market. All of which makes for a diverse holiday experience.

Although the atmosphere is easy-going in the heat of the sun, you can expect things to hot up dramatically as darkness falls. Hvar Town is often credited with having the greatest nightlife on the Adriatic, with the harbour side cafes, bars and restaurants full of chatter and laughter long after midnight.

From the tip of its beach laden coastline to the centre of its tree-filled woodlands that occupies much of inland Hvar, this is a spectacular island paradise that you won't want to miss. Boasting the best of Croatia's nightlife and beaches while offering history and culture, this playground of the rich and famous is definitely the place to be this summer.

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