Borovets Bike Park
Borovets Bike Park
13 Sep 2017

 Ever wondered what to do in a mountain ski resort during the summer? Here is an idea: our Lakes & Mountains Holidays to Borovets offer a wide range of outdoor activities at the mountain resort, for example an exciting day at the Borovets Bike Park. The Bike Park covers more than 20km of marked mountain trails with different levels of difficulty, suitable for beginners and experts.

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 The park has a 2400m long downhill trail, and a 14km long family track, the latter takes about 2 hours to complete. And how to get up to the hill with your bike? There is a special equipment on the Sitnyakovo Express lift allowing you to hook your bicycle on the side of the chairs. The journey takes 12 minutes to the start of the trail where the adventure begins.

 There is a number of scenic routes throughout the park taking you to magnificent beauty spots of the area. The routes are conveniently connected so that you can tour six different trails by one go. Upon arrival at the bottom there is a special place to wash and clean your bike or service it for the next challenge.


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