Discover Something New... Summer in Bansko
Discover Something New... Summer in Bansko
24 Sep 2014

Certainly no less attractive than a beach holiday on the Black Sea Coast, Bansko, the winter capital of the Balkans, has now firmly established itself as one of the best destinations for a lakes & mountains holiday during the summer too. Each year more holidaymakers are choosing a summer holiday in the Pirin Mountain due to the magnificent beauty and unbeatable value the region has to offer.

Bansko welcomes thousands of tourists from around Europe during the summer and hosts a number of events including the 2013 International Jazz Festival. The Pirin Nature Park is full of eco paths and travel routes which will surprise you with every step you take through the breathtaking scenery. A number of excursions and activities are also available with visits to magical sites with plenty of photo opportunities like Lake Okoto, Vihren hut and Bunderishka Polyana on offer.

The unrivaled combination of crystal clear air, mountain freshness and divine nature, as well as the rich cultural program all make Bansko an attractive summer holiday destination for anyone looking to get closer to mother nature.

As the true specialists to Bulgaria with over 48 years of experience, Balkan Holidays are delighted to offer the widest range of packages and flights in both the winter and the summer to Bansko departing from your local airport. Find out more or book by visiting our ski holidays to Bulgaria or lakes & mountains holidays to Bulgaria pages today.

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