5 Great Things To Do In Bansko
5 Great Things To Do In Bansko
13 Jan 2018

The reasonable prices, the amazing slopes, the delicious food and the quality entertainment make Bansko one of the finest ski resorts in Europe. People flock there for five good reasons and we have listed them here for you to check out!


1. Skiing

The cause for ski fans to go back to Bansko every season is that it is the perfect place for skiing: cheerful and cheap. The nature and beauty of the resort is so enchanting, people who visit Bansko often recommend the resort as an alternative to France, Austria and Switzerland to everyone they meet once they get home. The scenery from the top is spectacular.

2. Dining Out

Bansko has got some exceptional places for your palate, where you will receive incredible value for your money. People from Bansko produce their own red wine in rare variations such as sweet wine with blackberries. Serving is gentle; the atmosphere is traditional, in authentic style, with a rich menu, local specialties and live music. There are thematic restaurants in Bansko, which offer cuisine from different countries. In Bansko, you get to eat well and sleep better than anywhere else – for the clean mountain air and the mild climate play their part.

3. Spa Treatments

When it’s cold outside the hotels in Bansko are warm and comfortable. The resort is famous for its superb and sumptuous Spa procedures. If you use the sauna right, you can improve your health. In effect, it gives liveliness to the spirit, cleanses the body and sustains your precious well-being. Besides, in Bansko hotels, you will never have issues with the staff, for they hope to welcome you again next holiday season.


4. The Old Town

To feel the vibe of this lovely, small place of rest you have to spend some time in the old town. You will find some historical buildings – monuments of the Bulgarian National Revival. Pirin Street, where a tiny shop offers Italian ice-cream, deserves a gentle stroll. You will find plenty of bars, cafes, and restaurants – it’s the place to eat, drink and buy authentic Bulgarian souvenirs for the entire family. Pirin Street comes alive during the annual jazz festival and is certainly worth checking out.


5. Sightseeing

On Pirin Street, you have to visit the Church Holy Trinity – one of the oldest in Bulgaria. Artists will delight in the original frescoes and religious icons, architects will admire the heavy chandelier and for everybody, it is a unique experience to touch this culture’s symbol of faith. There are recognized landmarks in Bansko – historic sites such as Velyanova House. The masterful Bulgarian artist Velyan Ognev has ornamented this mansion with beautiful murals and wooden carvings.

Bansko is a postcard-like town - the perfect escape among majestic mountain peaks. The Bansko townsmen know how to entertain their guests – there are folk-fests and concert shows, and feasts as regular events. Hiking, skiing, and merry-making – that’s what folks here do all year round.

Enjoy a holiday to Bansko this winter with prices starting from as little as £183pp which includes your flights, luggage, transfers and accommodation.

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