5 Holidaymaker Favourites - Winter Excursions in Bulgaria
5 Holidaymaker Favourites - Winter Excursions in Bulgaria
03 Nov 2022

Bulgaria is a fascinating country. Steeped in rich cultural history and an abundance of ancient architecture left by its five centuries of Ottoman rule and thousands of years of Bulgarian Empire reign, there certainly is plenty to see and do on your holiday to Bulgaria.

At Balkan Holidays we know not everyone's holiday is complete with just perfecting their ski jumps and throwing snowballs. With this in mind we have carefully put together an amazing selection of excursions to tantalise all tastes and ages. Here are a few of our customers favourite swinter excursions you can look forward to on your next holiday to Bulgaria.

1. Full Day Sofia Trip

No winter holiday to Bulgaria is complete without a trip to the vibrant and historic capital, with stunning architecture dating as far back as the Ottoman Empire and was even home to Constantine the Great who fondly said "Serdika is my Rome" (Serdika is what the Roman Empire renamed Sofia). Founded around the 5th Century BC, almost 2,500 years ago, this beautiful city is home to a number of famous attractions including the National Museum of History, Presidential Palace, the National Art Gallery, the Saint Sofia Basilica, and one of the cities most recognisable landmarks

The Memorial Church Saint Alexander Nevsky, which houses 53 bells in its 53 metre bell tower as well as the National Archaeological Museum, which houses some of the most valuable treasuers found in Bulgaria! Alongside grand architecture and awe-inspiring religious sites, avid shoppers will be able to take full advantage of the Euro Free Zone in Sofia's Vitosha Boulevard, where you can find high end designer shops and world famous brands next to pallet pleasing eateries, and bars or venture to Jenski Pazar, Sofia's biggest and busiest local market, selling everything from local meats, fruits, vegetables and cheeses to clothes, shoes and trinkets.

2. Ski Doo

If you want something fast paced, and full of fun, snowmobiling is a must do! Hop on a Ski Doo and experience this action packed adventure, usually reserved for James Bond films! This one hour excursion will allow you to whizz through the dramatic scenery taking in the crisp fresh air and beautiful views from the mountains, as well as the opportunity to see local wildlife and meet new people! This excursion is packed full of adventure, exploration and excitement. You can either choose to Ski Doo solo or as a couple, either way, we're sure this is one experience you won't forget any time soon!

3. Sledding

This is your chance to take the reins of a pack of Huskies and experience a truly authentic method of snow transport that has been used for nearly a thousand years, and is still used even in today's modern world. You will be guided through the picture perfect mountains by a team of trained handlers and, of course, a pack of beautiful Husky Dogs, this opportunity to weave your way through the snow used to be only found in resorts such as Lapland, but the ever growing popularity has seen it extend in to Europe to set itself firmly as one of the most sought after excursions available!

Perfect for families with young children, and couples looking for a romantic alternative to dinner and drinks, this excursion always gets booked quickly, so make sure you grab your spot while you can!

4. Rila Monastery

Situated 1150 metres above sea level, this 10th century monastery is set behind 20 metre high fortress style walls, which upon entering reveals the true grandeur of the immense architecture. Situated 120 kilometres south of Sofia, the monastery was built in honour of St. Ivan of Rila, to house and accommodate students and priests, and has rapidly become one of the must see sights in Bulgaria.

Steeped in history spanning  over a thousand years, and with rebuilding taking place over several different centuries this is a monastery unlike any other. Inside, curators have elegantly displayed some of the riches and treasures left behind over the centuries. The museum is famous for housing Rafail's Cross, which was hand carved by Father Rafail, from one solid piece of wood, including the recreation of 104 religious scenes and 650 miniature figures, you can also view ancient icons, statues and cultural items as well as over 250 manuscripts and 9000 old printed books in its vast and grand library. This is definitely a must see trip for those who love to see ancient culture and architecture, as well as a fun and educational day out!

5. Folklore Fiesta

Throw yourself into traditional Bulgarian culture! Dancing, dining and dressing up are on the menu tonight - and you're invited! You will start your evening with a delicious, traditionally cooked four course meal, with drinks and laughter, once you have filled your post-ski hungry tums with a selection of local delicacies, there is an opportunity for you to get dressed up in authentic Bulgarian costume and dance the night away to a live band! This is perfect for meeting new friends and having an amazing experience to boast about that you won't forget in a hurry!

All of these exciting excursions, and many more, are available to book with your representative in resort, but be quick, excursions are extremely popular and can get booked up very quickly, we always recommend arranging any trips at your welcome meeting upon arrival in resort.

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