A Tasty Look at Bulgarian Cuisine
05 Jul 2015
Food lovers have long since appreciated the merits of Bulgarian cuisine with the verdict that is it tasty, spicy and varied. Abundant in fresh vegetables and fruit, juicy meat, grilled or served with piquant sauces, mouth-watering vegetarian dishes, banitsa that melts in your mouth or Bulgarian yoghurt, there is something appealing for everyone.

Food lovers have long since appreciated the merits of Bulgarian cuisine

The Bulgarian culinary “geography” overflows with delicious meals: Bansko style Kapama (meat and vegetables stewed in a clay pot), Rhodope Cheverme (lamb roasted on a spit over an open fire), Thracian Katmi (a special type of salted pancake served with Danube fish soup or Black Sea mussels).

Rhodope Cheverme (lamb roasted on a spit over an open fire)

So why exactly does the Bulgarian cuisine taste so good? Well the answer is simple, Bulgarian food is organic food. The dishes are prepared using natural products which is an important factor in bringing the unique taste to Bulgarian meals. There are also a number of distinctive features of the Bulgarian cooking methods that contribute to the exceptional taste. 

When preparing meals that include meat for example, Bulgarians start by cooking the meat gradually before adding the rest of the ingredients gradually. In this way they save time and effort as the entire meal is prepared using only one pot or saucepan containing all the flavours that have developed during the process. The inclusion of milk or yoghurt with other produce is also very typical for the Bulgarian national cuisine. It enriches the technology of food preparation and makes the dishes healthier. 
Another distinctive feature is the thermal processing of the ingredients as they are slowly simmered on a low heat enabling their nutritive qualities to be retained and make the food taste much tastier.

Below is a selection of tasty Bulgarian dishes you may come across at any of the local traditional restaurants during your stay in the resorts:
Shopska Salad
Shopska Salad » Chopped tomato, onion, cucumber and pickled red or green peppers, seasoned with salt, sunflower oil and vinegar and topped with a unique crumbled white cheese. 
Tourshia » A salad made from pickled tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, cauliflower, celery and carrots.
Mlechna Salad
Mlechna Salad » Made of yoghurt, gherkins, garlic and walnuts. 
Bob Chorba » A delicious thick bean and tomato soup.
Tarator » A cold soup made with yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and dill. Very refreshing!
Mish-Mash » A vegetarian dish with egg, cheese, red and green peppers and tomatoes.
Sarmi » Vine or cabbage leaves stuffed with mincemeat and rice.
Kebap » Meat cut into small pieces and simmered in a rich sauce.
Kebapcheta » Grilled mincemeat portions usually served with a rich tomato purée.
Guvech » A stew with vegetables, herbs and small pieces of meat.
Kashkaval Pane
Kashkaval Pane » Yellow cheese deep fried in batter, a very popular snack!
Kavarma » A spicy stew made with onions, peppers and mushrooms, cooked in an authentic earthenware casserole pot.
Dreboliyki » Shepherd's pie Bulgarian style, made with rice, egg and Lamb innards! Topped with thin layers of filo pastry and almonds before being covered in honey and sugar sauce. 

So whether you're visiting the north or south of Bulgaria this summer, make sure you try the delicious local cuisine and take home the true flavour of Bulgaria!
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