Bansko Ski Resort Approved by Unesco
Bansko Ski Resort Approved by Unesco
07 Feb 2012

Ski facilities at Bansko have no negative environmental impact on the Pirin National Park as a world heritage site – says the latest report based on checks carried out by UNESCO last year in the resort.

The report also states that the replacement of Bansko ski facilities was carried out in an appropriate manner and they don’t have a negative influence on the value of the world heritage site.

The participants of the monitoring mission held meetings with representatives of the Bulgarian government as well as regional mayors and conducted on-the-spot checks of the replaced ski facilities in the Bansko ski zone.

UNESCO's World Heritage Centre and the International Union for Conservation are the most authoritative institutions for environmental policy, so the appraisal guarantees that Balkan Holidays’ travelers to the mountain resort of Bansko can enjoy their ski holiday to Bulgaria in the most perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

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