Boat Trips To Bulgaria's St Anastasia Island
Boat Trips To Bulgaria's St Anastasia Island
18 Jan 2021

How does spending a night on a Volcanic rock in the Black Sea 5 miles off the coast of Bulgaria? Well, read on for more details…

Return tickets will cost 9 leva (£4) and 6 leva (£2.50) for students and senior citizens, while children under seven and people with disabilities will be able to travel free.

St Anastasia Island is approximately 6.5km south-east of Bourgas, between Cape St Anastasia and Cape Atia. Composed of volcanic rock, the Island is just 0.01 sq km and offers a small guest house and accommodation for those who wish to stay the night. There is also monastic cell accommodation on the island, which hosts the buildings of the St Anastasia Monastery.

The Island is also home to a small museum, recently updated to include video displays, 3D animation, sound and lighting effects. Admission to the museum is just 6 leva (£2.50) with children and students admitted free.

“Traditional regional seafood dishes” will be on offer at the Island's restaurant, offering a la carte and menu of the day, with the lunch and supper menu priced at 20 leva (£8) for adults and 10 leva (£4) for children up to the age of 12.

Boat Trips To Bulgaria's St Anastasia Island | Balkan Holidays

Visitors also will be able to buy combined packages which include the boat trip, restaurant meal and museum visit, discounted on the individual prices by about 15 per cent. There will also be discounts available for large groups.

Named Bolshevik Island between 1945 and 1990, during Bulgaria’s communist era, St Anastasia was used as the location for the 2011 Bulgarian-Swedish film The Island starring Laetitia Casta and Thure Lindhardt.


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