Borovets Named as one of Europe’s Cheapest Ski Resorts.
Borovets Named as one of Europe’s Cheapest Ski Resorts.
05 Jan 2024

If your partner is really good looking then it’s not really news when someone says to you ‘your partner is really good looking’ it’s not really news to you but hey, it makes you feel nice all the same! And that’s how we feel about the Ski Resorts in Bulgaria being named as one of Europe’s cheapest ski resorts, we know it, most skiers know it, but we like people to recognise it all the same!

We say all this because Eurochange, the holiday money people at most airports, have named Borovets as Europe’s cheapest ski resort. They compared the cost of things like a lift pass, accommodation, ski rental and food and drink. Now all of these items are a fraction of the price compared to some other ski resorts across Europe, hence Borovets won. This is what makes us all warm and fuzzy, we know all this but it’s great when someone says ‘hey, your ski resorts are great value aren’t they’.

In their research they found a pint of beer that cost £1.17, a glass of wine for £2.33 plus a 3 course meal for £5.83! With these prices no wonder Borovets romped home as the easy winner! They also heaped praise on Borovets as a ski resort, saying it was very well suited to beginner skiers.

So, there you have it, great value holidays and ski services (lift passes, ski hire etc) with the leading ski tour operator to Bulgaria, that’s Balkan Holidays by the way, in addition to low prices once you’re on holiday and you have the perfect combination for a great ski holiday. So do visit our website for the latest prices and availability, we offer Borovets and Bansko (also offering great value for money skiing plus food and drink) in Bulgaria with flights from 7 UK airports. Alternatively, feel free to call us on 020 7543 5555 – we look forward to hearing from you.

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