Bulgaria Holidays cheaper than holidays to Brighton
Bulgaria Holidays cheaper than holidays to Brighton
12 Aug 2010

British tourists should be aware that holidaying in the UK can be pricier than going away to Europe and specificity Bulgaria.

It is cheaper to go away to Bulgaria than stay on a Sussex coast at Brighton this summer, the survey by Tesco Travel Money found.

They have reported that a week in Bulgaria for a family of 3 or 4 would cost about £1,221 while in the UK it would set them back £2,209.

There were 14 countries surveyed and the most expensive of them all was Iceland. A week in Iceland would cost £3,383, having in mind that this survey included the price hotels, car hire, food beach accessories, suntan lotion and visits to theme parks.

The average cost of 14 destinations was £2,076 - a 2% increase on last year.

The survey also showed that car hire and accommodation had risen 6% last year at the surveyed destinations.

John Howells, head of Travel Money at Tesco Bank, said: "Holiday costs have clearly been impacted by the euro exchange rate and rising costs in the recession.

"Therefore families wanting a holiday on a shoe string really need to do their research to make their money go further."

The survey helped conclude that out of the 14 countries/destinations Bulgari came up the cheapest for a family of 4, costing just £1,221 while Brighton would cost a family of 4 £2209 without any flights!

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