Bulgaria Sea Water Reaches 30 Degrees
Bulgaria Sea Water Reaches 30 Degrees
12 Aug 2010

Breaking news: The temperatures of the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria have reached an amazing 30 degrees in the recent weeks, the highest in almost 17 years it was announced today.

The Bulgarian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) has released a report explaining that during 1993-1997, the maxim water temperature reached 27 Degrees in a small town.

“The temperatures in Bulgaria are a little bit higher, but they are not much different,” said Georgi Korchev, general director of NIMH.

As he continued to explain, these were the highest temperatures in Bulgaria but also along the Russian and Ukrainian coast. 

Temperatures like these have made it difficult to work outdoors but on the plus side has made a great change for those sunbathing and swimming as the water was extremely worm, making it perfect for small children who would normally scream from the cold breezy sea.

Temperatures are expected to remain the same so you are advised to book a holiday to Bulgaria and enjoy the sun while you can.

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