Bulgarian's "Vision of the Future" rewarded by the BBC
Bulgarian's "Vision of the Future" rewarded by the BBC
26 Mar 2013

The BBC recently ran a competition looking into the future, to find out what it holds for health, education, transport and even love. Titled "What If?" the BBC asked people from around Europe to send in their visions of the future. The theme was open to individual interpretation and could be presented in any visual medium the participant chose to use (photography, animation, artwork, film) but entries must have had visions of the future as their core message. The competition had two categories: still images and videos or animations of 50 seconds or less.

Marina Koleva from Bulgaria was named the "Best Video from Europe" and was also crowned the overall winner in the video category of the BBC competition. Europe's judge, Steve Harding-Hill from Oscar-winning animation company Aardman chose the video as the winner alongside a panel of leading creatives and artists from five continents.

Harding-Hill said "It is a very simple and strong idea. It is very nicely told and animated. It makes total sense. The idea does not need to be explained. This is a dark and a scary vision of the future, but most importantly I felt something for this character. I felt compassion for this character and I found that it contains real human emotion".

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