Bulgaria's Capital Has the Cheapest Parking Fees
Bulgaria's Capital  Has the Cheapest Parking Fees
12 Aug 2010

It has just emerged that the Bulgarian capital (Sofia) offers the cheapest parking fees in the Balkans and beyond as found by a survey conducted by Colliers International.

This survey was conducted during June 2010 and it analysed over 147 capitals and it takes in consideration the average fees charged for parking in the capitals' center areas.

During the research the company found that Sofia in Bulgaria ranked 107th in the whole world for monthly prices when parking in the centres & is ahead of Warsaw as well as Dublin and just slightly behind Romania, Croatia and Montenegro's capitals.

At the moment the average monthly price for parking Sofia's centre is about EUR 90, while the daily rate for a full weekly day is just under EUR 8.

After conducting the survey, Colliers International has identified and concluded that Sofia is the cheapest place for parking in the Balkans.

As for those most expensive in the Balkans, Tirana, Belgrade and Athens are the most expensive to park in – between EUR 150 and EUR 200 per month and not suprisingly the most expensive capital in the whoel world when it comes to parking in 2010 is of course London. Not far behind is Hong Kong with parking fees of EUR 605 per month.

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