Could This Be The Perfect Destination?
Could This Be The Perfect Destination?
13 Mar 2018

Thinking of your ideal summer holiday destination, you think sun, sea & beaches. You may also think its going to take a long expensive flight to get there, all for the promise of crystal clear waters & breathtaking scenery. But what if there was a destination that offered all the trimmings of a perfect summer holiday plus so much more, right on your European doorstep?

Dubrovnik holidays continue to increase in popularity and enjoys it's ever growing reputation as the perfect holiday destination. Perhaps you have heard of Dubrovnik but never thought of it as the ideal place to spend your summer holiday? Well let us share with you some key reasons why we think that holidays to Dubrovnik are right up there with some of the best in the world.

Located along the Southern Dalmatian coast of Croatia, resting next to the clear blue waters of the warm Adriatic Sea, is the dominating city of Dubrovnik. Indisputably known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic, the city is the crowning centerpiece of the Dalmatian region. With the high walls of the Old Town and the incredible medieval architecture scattered across the city of Dubrovnik, it is like a jewellery box filled with treasures and beauty waiting to be discovered.

Boasting average temperatures of 29c in the summer season and water temperatures that reach a pleasant 24c, the picturesque pebbled beaches of Dubrovnik will ensure that even the most demanding of sun seekers and beach lovers will satisfy their needs for a sun drenched summer holiday.

Besides baking in the hot sun and lounging around the beach, Dubrovnik holidays take your experience to another level as you wander around the city, whether it be on top of the walls, along the Placa, the impeccable main promenade or through the maze of beautiful side streets, with their friendly outdoor markets all but hidden gardens, churches and houses taking in the rich history and culture of this magnificent destination.

When the sun goes down Dubrovnik comes alive with live bands and inviting bars, cafes & restaurants, dazzling under the summer city lights. You can choose to get up and dance with the friendly locals or tuck into some fresh seafood. But one thing is for sure, whatever you choose to do, you can be assured the perfect end to an exceptional day in Dubrovnik.

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