Dubrovnik V – Trips from Dubrovnik
15 Mar 2018
Dubrovnik V – Trips from Dubrovnik

The uninhabited island of Lokrum can be reached from the port of Dubrovnik in about 10-15 minutes by boat. There is a regular service in every 30 minutes to the island, which is a registered National Park, having a beautiful vegetation. The getaway starts on the boat leaving Dubrovnik, as the old town gets more and more visible to its full extent. After enjoying the clear water, we can have a rest on the rocks. There are no restaurants, shops or hotels on the island, and no one is allowed to stay there after 8pm. The island is for the undisturbed relaxation where everybody can find a place to be alone and can swim and have a sunbathe, and enjoy the natural beauty of the idyllic island.

While having a summer holiday in Dubrovnik, you can have daytrips within the Dalmatian coast. Some of these destinations are the town of Cavtat (photo above), and the islands of Mljet and Lopud. The 25 hectare arboretum of Trsteno is located 20km north of Dubrovnik, and it’s the oldest botanic garden in Europe. Some 80% of the arboretum got destroyed by the attack of the Serbian army in 1991, but its most ancient part was just slightly damaged. The arboretum has about 300 species of wood and a number of rare species of plants as well as fine sculptures, making the arboretum of Trsteno not just the oldest arboretum, but one of the most beautiful ones in Europe.

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