First Day Tips for your Bulgaria Holidays
First Day Tips for your Bulgaria Holidays
29 Jul 2011

The first day after your arrival on your Bulgarian Holiday, you will be met by your Balkan Holidays Representative at central venue in your holiday resort for your Welcome Information Meeting. You will get the details of the meeting upon arrival at the airport where you will receive a booklet with an invitation, most likely you will be collected from your holiday hotel or apartment by a local guide and taken to the venue.

We have however, put together this handy first day tip list, to help you settle into your holiday resort until you meet your representative. Should you need the assistance of a Balkan Holidays Representative prior to the meeting then please look at the Balkan Holidays noticebaord or Information Folder in the reception of your hotel for visiting and contact details.

  • Passports - Will be collected upon arrival for registration purposes. These are normally ready for collection 24hours later. You should not need your passport during your stay, so we strongly advise renting a safety deposit box to keep it and all your other valuables in.
  • Tap Water - Is safe to drink, but we reccomment bottled water for those with sensetive stomachs. Bottled mineral water is cheap and readily available.
  • Local currency - The Bulgarian currency is the Lev or Leva (BGN) in plural. The official exchange rate today 29.07.2011 is 2.23 BGN for £1
  • Changing Money - Only change money at an official bank or at the reception of your hotel. Do not be tempted by attractive advertisements for high rates at the unofficial exchanges offices you will find on the street. First Investment Bank has an exchange office and ATM machines.
  • Toilets - It is normal in Bulgaria, and throughout Eurpope to be charged to use the toilets, even if you are a customer. Have some small change ready.
  • Safety Deposit Box - These are available at most hotels and apartments. We strongly reccommend that you leave all valuables in a safety deposit box. Remember, insurance companies may not cover items that have not been left in one.
  • Taxis - Can be expensive if you choose the wrong one! Always negotiate the price before commencing your journey and check the tariff rate that should be displayed in the window of the car. Pedal taxis that operate throughout the resorts can be expensive.
  • Buses - Local transport is very efficient and easy to use. You buy the ticket onboard from the inspector and they will take you to most of the main towns in the surrounding areas. Buses are not air-conditioned and can be quite crowded. Always keep your valuables in a safe place and out of easy reach.
  • Beaches - Bulgaria has some beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. The Black Sea is not a tidal sea so it is very safe for children to swim in. But always ensure that you obey they flag warning system and make yourself familiar with it. Sunbeds and Parasols are payable on the beach.
  • Swimming Pool and Bathroom Safety - Pay extra attention to potential slippery surfaces. Read the Health and Safety section of our Holiday Guide for full advice.
  • Fire Safety - Familiarise yourself with the evacuation procedure for your property. More information available HERE
  • Child Safety - Children should be under supervision at all times, especially at the swimming pool and on balconies. More information HERE
  • Telephones - The least expensive way to call to the UK is through the internet calling booths in the resort. You should make yourself aware of the hotel and mobile phone roaming charges before using this option.
  • Flight Only - If you are on a flight only with Balkan Holidays, you should reconfirm your return flight with the office of Balkan Holidays 24 hours prior to your flight. The number is given on your e-ticket.
  • Medical Services - It is normal in Bulgaria to pay for all medical services and claim from your insurance upon return to the UK. An EHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance. Always ensure you have adequate cover and check the excess on your policy. Any illness or injury should be reported to your Balkan Holidays Representative who will be able to provide you with full assistance.

We hope that these tips will help you start your Bulgarian Holiday, please visit the Welcome Meeting for all the information you will need for your stay.

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