Have a Mud Bath For a Brand New You!
Have a Mud Bath For a Brand New You!
21 Apr 2023

There are many ways to relax while on holiday in Bulgaria, a day on the beach or by the pool will certainly do the trick but to help make you feel ‘fresh out of the box’ may we suggest a mud bath! 

Not far from Sunny Beach, near the town of Pomorie, are the healing waters of Lake Atanasovsko. A few hours spent here benefitting from the natural healing qualities of the mud and salt ponds will revitalise and re-energise you. Once there start by covering yourself with mud that’s rich in minerals and has vital thermal qualities. This opens your blood vessels and open new capillaries reducing any swelling and pain you may have plus it will enhance your metabolism and help with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It will also do wonders for your skin too. 

Then take some time to sit in the sun and let the mud dry on your skin, then when you’re ready take a dip into the salt ponds and the lake itself. The water has a high salt content, like the Dead Sea, so you can float in the water. This in itself is very relaxing and of course while you’re in the water it starts to clean the mud off your body, once you’ve cleaned all the mud off you emerge from the pond feeling like a million Levs!  

This is all free, all you will have to pay is your transport there. Lake Atanasovsko is well worth visiting during your holiday in Bulgaria, it is something completely different and perhaps something you wouldn’t have thought of, but once you’ve experienced it you’ll feel brand new! It is also a good idea to go with a few people to make the day even more fun as well as revitalising. 

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