Indulge in a couple's trip to Nessebar
Indulge in a couple's trip to Nessebar
19 May 2022
The time that we get to spend with our loved ones alone is precious, so it is important to choose the destination for a couple's trip very carefully.

Nessebar on the Black Sea coast is perfect for this as it blends the charm of traditional Bulgaria with some pristine beaches, as well as good places to try local food and drinks.
So whether you prefer to walk hand in hand along the sand or while exploring the cobbled streets of the old quarter, you are bound to find the holiday destination to suit your romantic needs.

There has been a settlement at Nessebar for 3,000 years, with various civilisations claiming it as their own. Each one has left its mark on the town and uncovering the history is part of its allure. You will find yourself snapping away with your camera at every opportunity.

Just because it has been declared a protected area by UNESCO and is home to more than 40 quaint churches does not mean the town has no nightlife.

Relax with your other half enjoying a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants, where seafood is incredibly fresh and plentiful, before heading off in search of some live music.

Several establishments host such events, so there are opportunities to dance and relax with your other half.

Unlike larger resorts like Sunny Beach, Nessebar is quieter and gives you more space to yourselves. If you really wish to get away from it all then book one of the many Black Sea cruises that are on offer.

There are plenty of different options, from taking a boat to the historic town of Sozopol or ramping up the romance with cocktails at sunset out at sea.
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