The Island of Hvar III – Landmarks of the Town of Hvar
21 Feb 2018
The Island of Hvar III – Landmarks of the Town of Hvar

We have recently started a series about one of the most beautiful destinations in Croatia: the Island of Hvar. In the previous part we have given you a general overview about the town of Hvar, now let’s take a look at some of its landmarks!


Hvar Fort

The Fort of Hvar
The Fort of Hvar is situated on the hilltop in the town of Hvar. It gives a magnificent panoramic view to Hvar and other surrounding islands. It is worth to have a look at during the night, when the darkness and the white city provide a fantastic contrast. The fort was built in the 16th century, and it was restored in 1579, after the explosion of the gunpowder storeroom. Later it got expanded during the periods of both the French and Austrian ownership; the observation deck and the barracks were built by the Austrian. Thus the Fort of Hvar has gained its present form by a number of alterations. The Fort houses an exhibition of interesting relics from the medieval age and even before.

 St Stephen Cathedral

Sv Stjepan (St Stephen) Cathedral
The Sv Stjepan Cathedral is situated on the main square of the town of Hvar. It was built in separate sessions during the 16th and 17th centuries, however the interior space got finished by the 18th century. The Cathedral has the traits of the renaissance and baroque styles. The three-nave Cathedral has 11 baroque altars, some of them made by Venetian artists.

hvar clock tower

Loggia and Clock Tower
Other main landmarks of the town square of Hvar are the Loggia and the Clock Tower. These are the only surviving parts of the governor’s palace from the 15th century. The Loggia got destroyed in the 1571 by the Turks, and rebuilt at the beginning of the 17th century in renaissance style. It has been operating as a coffee shop since 1868. The Clock Tower is the only surviving one of the four towers of the governor’s palace, it was restored in the 18-19th centuries. The Loggia and the Clock Tower are now all parts of the Hotel Palace. Please click here to find our best package prices for Summer Holidays to Hvar, Croatia.

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