The Island of Hvar IV – In and around Jelsa
The Island of Hvar IV – In and around Jelsa
06 Mar 2018

In the previous part we spoke about the town of Hvar, the biggest town on the Island of Hvar. Now let’s take a look at some other beautiful summer resorts of the island. At Balkan Holidays, we offer package Summer Holidays to a number of resorts of the Island of Hvar, one of these resorts is Jelsa.

Jelsa, with a population of 3600, situated between the two highest mountains of Hvar, surrounded by forests, has a remarkable heritage in tourism: the first hotel, Jardan was opened in 1911. It seems like a modern town at first sight, but it has a long history, dating back to the ancient ages. It doesn’t have many architectural monuments to amaze visitors, and the town is not that busy. Jalsa has long been recognised for its famous red wine. Holidaymakers are spoilt by the choice of beautiful and clean beaches, and can visit a number of landmarks in their spare time. One of the biggest and most beautiful parks of Dalmatia can be found in Jelsa: the Perivoj with palm trees and other Mediterranean plants since 1870. Jelsa offers sport and other leisure activities with well equipped facilities.

Opposite the town of Hvar, 20 small, romantic islands are spread across the sea, with spectacular rocks, beautiful beaches and medieval houses. The Pakleni Islands can be easily reached from the port of Hvar by water taxis. There are frequent, regular services daily: from 9am to 1pm outbound twice an hour, and inbound between 4pm and 8mp, also twice an hour. The biggest island is Sveti Klement, famous for the village of Palmizana.

The village of Basina is in one of the most beautiful bays of the Island of Hvar, a few kilometres from Jelsa and Vrboska. The small village is recommended for those wishing to spend their peaceful holiday to Croatia in a fabulous setting, surrounded by pristine natural beauty spots, far away from cars and the crowds. If you are interested in a relaxed summer holiday to Jelsa and its region, please check our website for the best package deals and dates.

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