The Island of Hvar V – Stari Grad and other historic towns
The Island of Hvar V – Stari Grad and other historic towns
28 Mar 2018

In the final part of our series about the Island of Hvar, we are visiting Stari Grad, the oldest town in Croatia. Balkan Holidays offer package holidays to Stari Grad in self catering apartments.

Stari Grad (meaning old city) is the oldest town not just on the island, but in the whole of Croatia, and one of the oldest settlements of Europe. The historical heart of the island has a history of about 2500 years, it was founded by Greek settlers in 384 BC. The old Greek town is still unexcavated, only a few fractions can be seen, for example the 11-metre high Greek walls. Apart from these remains, other ancient, 500 year old churches can also be found in Stari Grad. The town is surrounded by vineyards, olive plantations and oak woods. The resort is highly developed in terms of tourist facilities, with a number of local restaurants offering authentic seafood dishes and famous Croatian wines. Every summer, famous annual cultural and youth festivals and sports events take place in Stari Grad.

77km from the capital of the island, the nearest populated area to the mainland is Sucuraj, with the most important port of Hvar. The town has a population of 400 today, but it is more than 2300 years old. It has been destroyed and rebuilt many times during the years. Its oldest building is a cloister, the date of its construction is unknown, but we know it was rebuilt in 1309 first, and in 1994 for the last time. The town has beautifully preserved some of its other old buildings too. Sucuraj has fabulous natural surroundings, thanks to the Mount Biokovo, the Peljesac Peninsula and of course the Adriatic Sea. Despite the increasing tourism, most of the population of Sucuraj is still working in traditional professions: fishing, making wine and olive oil, giving the visitors the opportunity to try and taste the fruit of their activities. Sucuraj is recommended for those wishing to be a bit far away from noise and crowds. The main beach is just 200m away from the town centre, but a number of other beautiful beaches and coves can be found nearby.

The smallest village of the sunny Hvar Island, Vrboska is on the northern part of the island, it was founded in the 15th century. Vrboska is famous, among others, for being situated in a secluded cove, and the houses have been built on either side of the bay, with bridges connecting the two sides. Because of this, Vrboska is often called “Small Venice”. Its untouchable oak trees, cultural heritage, narrow streets all make Vrboska one of the most peculiar towns. It has the most valuable historical monuments, such as a church from 1575. Its pristine natural beauty, crystal clear air and seawater also contribute to the atmosphere of this idyllic place. For the best summer holidays to Stari Grad, please check our website for package deals.

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