More good weather to come
20 Aug 2012

More hot weather with plenty of sunshine to come in the following weeks in Bulgaria. Starting from today (Monday, 20 August) temperatures will be rising with at least 1C each day and towards the end of the week they are expected to reach up to 40C in some parts of the country. Who's to blame for this hot weather? The answer is "Lucifer", the sixth anticyclone from Africa to hit Bulgaria this summer.

In such weather conditions, the best idea is to escape the cities and head over to mountain lakes or the seaside , where you can enjoy the sun, while the breeze keeps you from overheating. Temperature of the water on the Black Sea coast will be around 25-26C - perfect for swimming and bathing. Summer is still here! It's not too late to snap up your summer bargain to Bulgaria with our Late Deals.

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