Obzor - the Peaceful Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea
Obzor - the Peaceful Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea
27 Aug 2010

Well the summer is almost over but we still have over a month to go so if you were after some relaxation then we suggest you invest into a holiday in the stunning little resort of Obzor in Bulgaria.

The relatively small town with only 2000 locals is becoming more and more popular with the British tourists. It is located about 65 km south of Varna Airport and also very close to Golden Sands, one of Bulgaria's biggest sea resorts, so you would be spoiled for choice when it comes to things to do. You can have relaxing days around the pool or at the beach in Obsor and other more active days in the stunning Golden Sands.

Obzor lies at the skirts of the popular Stara Planina (Mountain) and therefore boasts outstanding views.

For those who enjoy the sun, sea and sand you will find that the long golden beach by the town stretches from the St. Atanas cape on the north side and all the way to the Mona Petra cape to the south. The best part is that the beach is followed by a small cove path and a beach named Irakli which just ads even more colour to the already stunning views.

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